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  • European Businesses Not Embracing Collaboration Tools and Tactics
    The most prominent consideration, technological capability, is becoming increasingly important for companies, especially those that manufacture and deal with high-tech goods and services do not have a monopoly on knowledge. David Loseby, the chief procurement officer for transport group Arriva, says "nobody has all the wisdom that is necessary to make high-tech products." As products and technologies become more complex, collaboration becomes more important than ever.
  • HappyDesk Changes the Shared Space Industry
    The concept of shared space has been around for some time providing individuals and small companies a fully furnished facility with all the bells and whistles without having to sign a long term lease. Depending on the organization, these spaces can be leased on an hourly basis with certain minimums. HappyDesk Sharing-Space-as-a-Service (Saas) software was created to bring the companies in the shared space industry and coordinate their resources to make them more efficient and provide better service for their customers. The company announced it has introduced enterprise-grade software to change how shared space is sold, accessed and serviced.
  • Late Meeting Costing Executives 5 1/2 Days Annually
    A recent survey conducted by LogMeIn, Inc., and Ovum has revealed the growth in the number of meetings taking place and the effect it is having on everyone in the organization.
  • Citrix's Future Workplace
    Today, workplaces are about flexibility and convenience as people prefer to work from the place they want using a device of their choice. This flexibility is one of the three findings that Citrix believes will change the future of workplaces.
  • eFax Announces 'Going Green' Campaign Results
    Companies the world over are going green to save the environment, and now research is providing a look at its unexpected benefits. eFax, a leading online fax company, recently posted the results of its 2014 "Going Green" campaign in which it solicited its customers' views on how implementing green policies helped their businesses.

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Featured Podcasts Transforms Small Businesses Using VoIP and the Cloud Transforms Small Businesses Using VoIP and the Cloud: TMC podcast with Joel Maloff, vice president of Channel Development at, about how to transform SMBs using VoIP and the cloud.

Changing the User Experience with HD Voice

Changing the User Experience with HD Voice: There's lots of buzz about high definition voice, but what does it all really mean? TMCnet spoke with Alon Cohen, chief technology officer for, a hosted IP-PBX and virtual office provider, about HD Voice and how and why it enhances the user experience. The podcast also features two examples showcasing the audio quality difference when using HD voice.

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Who in the Organization can Call Recording Help?

"I like that my pet sitters can call a client from the business number through their mobile phones."
Kristin S.
Certified Canine

Advantages of VoIP Call Recording

"We don't have a physical office. makes it easy for our company to have one number no matter where in the world we happen to be."
Peter B.

Who in the Organization can Call Recording Help?

"Ability to have a unified phone system despite all employees working from separate home offices. Call handling rules allow each of us to always be reachable."
Bob R.