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  • A More Virtual Office: MegaPath's Latest Add-on
    MegaPath Cloud Services has announced several new features for its UC service to enable better connections between MegaPath users and their customers, partners and colleagues. These three new features are indicative of the company's newfound focus on the cloud and managed services segments.
  • Not Just In Schools: Telecommuting Takes Down the Snow Day
    Recently, we saw how technology was working to make school snow days a thing of the past. Now businesses are getting in on the act.
  • VoIP Pioneer Still Passionate Two Decades Later
    Perhaps the most widely discussed technology today is voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). Using the Internet to make phone calls allows businesses to slash telecom costs and collaborate more easily; as such, the technology has been widely adopted over the past several years.
  • Survey Finds Desk Phones Becoming Obsolete in Small Business World
    A new report by AccessDirect claims that small businesses are making the desk phone a business tool of the past. The small business provider of virtual phone systems, including those that use solutions like Voice over LTE (VoLTE) claims that while there are fewer and fewer desk phones to be found in small business headquarters, the need for voicemail is still alive and well.
  • Study Reveals Enterprise Struggling with Evolving Cyber Risks
    The cyber risks businesses face today come from many different sources, including heavily financed criminal organizations and rogue governments. Using top of the line hardware and sophisticated software, they are able to eventually crack even the most fortified systems in the world. Enterprises are therefore extremely anxious when it comes to choosing the right solution, because at the end of the day there is no such thing as the right solution.

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Featured Podcasts Transforms Small Businesses Using VoIP and the Cloud Transforms Small Businesses Using VoIP and the Cloud: TMC podcast with Joel Maloff, vice president of Channel Development at, about how to transform SMBs using VoIP and the cloud.

Changing the User Experience with HD Voice

Changing the User Experience with HD Voice: There's lots of buzz about high definition voice, but what does it all really mean? TMCnet spoke with Alon Cohen, chief technology officer for, a hosted IP-PBX and virtual office provider, about HD Voice and how and why it enhances the user experience. The podcast also features two examples showcasing the audio quality difference when using HD voice.

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Who in the Organization can Call Recording Help?

"I like that my pet sitters can call a client from the business number through their mobile phones."
Kristin S.
Certified Canine

Advantages of VoIP Call Recording

"We don't have a physical office. makes it easy for our company to have one number no matter where in the world we happen to be."
Peter B.

Who in the Organization can Call Recording Help?

"Ability to have a unified phone system despite all employees working from separate home offices. Call handling rules allow each of us to always be reachable."
Bob R.