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  • Wheelings & Dealings: Fuze Acquires LiveMinutes
    Fuze, a cloud videoconferencing provider, has announced that it has acquired online workspace company LiveMinutes.
  • 3 Green Project Management Tools to Increase Company Productivity
    Not only are paper documents a pain to file, but they're also wasteful on the environment. In fact, according to the EPA, we use 69 million tons of paper and paperboard every year. Most of that paper is consumed by businesses that use their fair share of paper for managing projects. Additionally, Americans take more than 405 million business trips each year - accounting for 16 percent of all long distance travel.
  • DocAuto Introduces ePredict 2.0
    No person is an island, and that's especially true in the modern office. DocAuto has announced the release of version 2.0 of its ePredict email tagging solution for WorkSite.
  • The Best Performing Employees Prefer to Work From Home
    Telecommuting has a strange reputation. Some swear by it, convinced that it's the next great thing in business to allow access to not only a better-performing workforce, but access to all those great workers from all parts of the globe. Others are convinced it's a convenient excuse to slack off at work. A new study from the Harvard Business Review suggests that those who think it's a shirking tool may need to reconsider.
  • Cloud Technology Can Make or Break a Virtual Office
    All offices need certain things to function; a quality Internet connection, certain kinds of hardware, even a note of peace and quiet for concentration. But a virtual office needs all of these and just a little more; perhaps the most important thing to make a virtual office function is cloud-based technology. The proper use of such technology, meanwhile, can make a virtual office into a superstar operation.

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Featured Podcasts Transforms Small Businesses Using VoIP and the Cloud Transforms Small Businesses Using VoIP and the Cloud: TMC podcast with Joel Maloff, vice president of Channel Development at, about how to transform SMBs using VoIP and the cloud.

Changing the User Experience with HD Voice

Changing the User Experience with HD Voice: There's lots of buzz about high definition voice, but what does it all really mean? TMCnet spoke with Alon Cohen, chief technology officer for, a hosted IP-PBX and virtual office provider, about HD Voice and how and why it enhances the user experience. The podcast also features two examples showcasing the audio quality difference when using HD voice.

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Who in the Organization can Call Recording Help?

"I like that my pet sitters can call a client from the business number through their mobile phones."
Kristin S.
Certified Canine

Advantages of VoIP Call Recording

"We don't have a physical office. makes it easy for our company to have one number no matter where in the world we happen to be."
Peter B.

Who in the Organization can Call Recording Help?

"Ability to have a unified phone system despite all employees working from separate home offices. Call handling rules allow each of us to always be reachable."
Bob R.