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Do You Really Know CPaaS?

August 30, 2019

Communications Platform as a Service, also known as CPaaS, is an important technology for businesses of all sizes today to understand and to utilize. As communications channels continue to expand and as interactions play a more vital role in business success, the need has increased for a communications platform that can tie in important customer solutions. This is where CPaaS comes in.

Take a few minutes and get familiar with how it all works below.

The Cloud Difference
Building and hosting an entire communications infrastructure on premises is a huge undertaking. Smaller businesses don’t have the resources or time to deal with it and even larger businesses simply don’t want to be bothered with the upkeep. For all of these reasons, cloud introduces new benefits and the ability to cut costs while increasing global reach. All of this is possible all while leaving the maintenance and heavy lifting up to the vendor.

Meet Customer Needs
One of the top benefits of CPaaS for businesses is that it puts the customers needs first. Numerous studies have shown that today’s customers want to be in control. They like personalization and they want options. With CPaaS, businesses can offer communications across various channels that are always-on and customized to meet their needs. With powerful APIs they’ll have the opportunity to embed communications right into their own existing business apps or build new ones that fit their needs.

Common CPaaS Offerings
Some of the most common communications offerings being utilized by businesses today include basic text, multimedia and voice messaging services as well as Click to Call, Text to Speech and even Multi-Factor Authentication solutions.

If you’ve been thinking about making the move to a cloud communications platform for your business, now’s the time to dive in!

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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