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Zadarma Lifts Toll-free Number Connection Fees In North America & Canada

June 12, 2019

Communications between businesses and customers are a vital aspect of success. When potential clients or prospective customers can pick up a phone and dial out to a business without incurring a long distance charge, they’re more likely to reach out and feel good about the experience they had on the call. This better experience can increase the likelihood of repeat business and even improve sales.

Looking to help businesses in North America extend this capability to customers, Zadarma has announced it’s now offering toll-free numbers in the U.S. and Canada via the company's website and has axed all the connection and monthly fees.

The Zadarma VoIP project allows businesses to set-up a virtual phone system without the need to pay for expensive hardware and wiring.

This new promotion means calls are free to anyone in the country. The costs are covered by the owner of the phone number.

Setting up the numbers takes only a few minutes and according to company officials, this is a move made to help businesses, “drastically enhance their reputation and customer relationships.”

Zadarma now offers cloud telecommunications services to businesses and individual users in over 90 countries including 844, 855, 877 and 888 numbers in North America and Canada.

Businesses of all sizes including entrepreneurs can benefit from additional credibility for their business when using an established a toll free number. It can also help to increase their reach across geographic locations without needing to limit themselves to local area callers. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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