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Cannabis Industry Flying High with SMS Outreach

May 23, 2019
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

In recent years, attitudes here in the United States have begun to shift in regard to the cannabis industry. And, as stigmas are shed and states continue to legalize recreational or medical marijuana we have seen the birth of a booming business.

Textmunication announced the arrival of Smart Automated Messaging (SAM) technology platform to support the growing cannabis industry. In specific, the solution is aimed at supporting mobile engagement opportunities for the cannabis delivery and dispensary space.

The beauty of SMS for outreach and engagement initiatives is the read rate. Our always on, always plugged in digital world is driving a 97 percent read-rate. The SAM platform already supports more than a billion RCS and SMS messages monthly, and now the cannabis industry can leverage Textcomunication’s SMS long code technology to support marketing efforts spanning new product announcements, employment opportunities, delivery confirmation, special offers, etc.

"Textmunication has always emphasized an agile approach to our business model,” stated Textmunication CEO, Wais Asefi. We want to be innovators in the cannabis sector with our robust text messaging platform. The company can now tap into the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry, especially as new states legalize cannabis for recreational, medical or both”.

The cannabis industry is obviously in its infancy, but as state by state, like dominoes fall in support of the controversial plant, the landscape is set to explode. Like any business, dispensaries need to engage with customers.

How does your business address customer engagement?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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