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Textmunication Ready for Mobile Future, Announces New Platform to Support RCS

May 14, 2019

Rich Communication Services (RCS) are the mobile messaging way of the future. With predictions from GSMA indicating that the market will reach $74B by 2021, and as global operators like Google and Verizon (News - Alert) show support for the protocol, it’s clear the technology is here to stay for good.

Textmunication Holdings, a provider of cloud-based communication technology and mobile marketing services in North America, said it’s now ready to dive into this emerging market with the completion of it’s SAM messaging platform that it says, will be able to do all of the futuristic and interactive things everyone’s been talking about.

With RCS, businesses can do everything from brand SMS messages to send rich media, enable interactivity via text and even gather analytics.

More smartphones across the globe will be RCS-enabled by 2020 according to GSMA (News - Alert) and along with next gen text capabilities, will also enjoy group chat, location sharing and even the possibility to have clear video calls -- all via a rich text message system.

Using its new SMS software platform, the company is able to provide its end users in markets like health and fitness, beauty, hospitality, and others, with robust APIs needed to target and attract consumers using the popular text messaging format.

“We feel RCS is the future of mobile messaging,” said CEO Wais Asefi. “We were able to offer RCS services due to the company’s foresight to join OpenMarket’s (News - Alert) Early access program which allowed Textmunication to be the early RCS adopter in the Health and Fitness market.”

Earlier this year, the company announced it has been working in partnership with mobile messaging provider OpenMarket over several years on SMS solutions and was chosen to participate in the company’s RCS Early Access Program and launched RCS into the health and fitness industry as a result.

The company’s clients can already start using the RCS protocol and the company said it has several new features in the works including a way for messages to be scratched much the same as a lottery ticket - something brands can use to send out contests, engage customers with and increase loyalty.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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