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MNF Group Intros UCaaS and CPaaS Offerings

May 09, 2019

MNF Group, a global provider of telecommunications software and services, recently introduced two new offerings to the market - a UCaaS and CPaaS solution, that it says will enable the interoperability of multiple communications channels.

MNF delivers capabilities at a lower cost and with a flexible API. It describes its services and solutions as, “new age” with smart support.

Rene Sugo, Group CEO, announced the new products in the company's US Roadshow Presentation and said that since telcos haven’t made significant investment in these types of platforms yet, there will be capital expenditure considerations for building a telecom infrastructure and network for many.

Instead, with cloud-based software, they can gain access to real-time communications from voice to video and messaging all from a web browser or app and without the need to invest in underlying infrastructure.

With UCaaS, they’ll also be able to add features to multiple devices in the enterprise without needing an internal PBX (News - Alert) system. Instead, using a single platform, workers can share information and collaborate as needed to grow the business.

Depending on the client, the company said it could, “provide up to 30 percent and 80 percent of the value stack on CPaaS and UCaaS respectively, depending on the client.”

The market for these services is heating up according to a recent report from Gartner (News - Alert). Over the next four years, the research firm predicts CPaaS demand will grow by 40 percent (CAGR) and by 12 percent (CAGR) for UCaaS.

MNF Group is already well positioned in the space with presence in New Zealand and Australia and with bigger customers that include: AT&T, NTT Group, Microsoft, Orange and BT (News - Alert).

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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