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NewVoiceMedia to Secure Communications with Blockchain

March 27, 2019
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Research pegs the cloud space for explosive growth. The cloud services market, for instance, is expected to reach $555 billion by 2020. An arena with such lofty projections is garnering attention, as cloud service providers are bolstering portfolio’s to support the incoming digital transformation barrage.

Cloud communications provider Vonage (News - Alert) saw a subsidiary plant a flag in the name of communication security. NewVoiceMedia, a Vonage owned entity, has been awarded a patent to secure communications leveraging blockchain technology.

The cloud services company was granted a patent that directly addressing securing recording and communications, specifically “system and methods for tamper proof interaction recording and timestamping.” The patent involves using the framework of a blockchain distributed network in order to not only provide secure recordings and communications, but alos streamline the creation, storage and access of secure files via user authorization and authentication .

The NewVoiceMedia (News - Alert) patent filing describes a how a database could be leverages as a physical or logical storage mean, with an authentication server verifying the validity of a voice communication. The filing notes, “signatures and timestamps may be published to a public block chain [sic] such as that used for Bitcoin currency transactions, or a block chain specifically configured for use in signature and timestamp publication. [...] a block chain may be used to publish signatures and timestamps to a public medium, and the use of distributed database nodes inherent in a block chain protects data against tampering, falsification, or loss due to individual nodes going offline.”

A secure communications and recording system is one of the many use cases the burgeoning technology that is blockchain is more than capable of supporting.

Are your communications in the cloud? Are they secure?  

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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