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Textmunication Makes ODT Acquisition Official

February 26, 2019
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

The cloud is kicking down boundaries put in place by the analog world, and with the furry of innovation at hand, new engagement tools are reinventing the way customers and businesses communicate. the channel du jour: text messaging.

Cloud communications technology holding company, Textmunication (TXHD) announced that it signed a Letter of Intent to purchase Off Day Trainer (ODT) from RELENTLESS Management Group (RMG), a software platform developed to assists health clubs and fitness professionals grow business via automated messaging and communication management.

“Wais and team have done a great job carving out a niche as the industry’s dominant client engagement system, integrating with virtually all of the top fitness management platforms in the market.” explained Alex Minicucci, Founder/CEO of RELENTLESS. “By adding the patented Off Day Trainer system to the mix, the combination of technologies will be a ‘must-have’ for competitive gyms and studios. Consumers are demanding greater personalization - this will give it to them.”

The expected closing date for the transaction is March 31, 2019, and with the completion of the deal TXHD gains the ODT software platform, all branding, media, source code as well as patents associated with the platform and current ODT customers. ODT Co-founder David Pitts plans to stay on, and work with the Textmunication team to extend the service to over 300,000 personal trainers here in the United States.

Wais Asefi, Chief Executive Officer of Textmunication, stated, “We’ve had a great relationship with RELENTLESS for several years. Their emphasis in SaaS (News - Alert) growth companies and solid technology makes this partnership a “win-win” for both companies. We will now work on the definitive agreement to acquire the patented ODT software platform and utilize the RELENTLESS Sales Automation Center to scale both the Textmunication and ODT solutions. This partnership is about increasing our proprietary technology value, sharing our networks and boosting sales opportunities through RMG’s innovative Sales Operation Center.”

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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