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VoIP Finds Place in Healthcare

February 22, 2019
By Stefania Viscusi - Assignment Desk, Content Management

VoIP phone systems have made their way into more and more offices across industries today because of the benefits they provide. From cost savings to advanced communications capabilities and flexibility, the reasons businesses are turning to Internet-based voice solutions continues to grow.

One industry that’s been slower to adopt in the past was the medical field. In this industry, reliable, secure communications capabilities aren’t just neccessary - they’re also the law.

Meeting stringent HIPAA compliance requirements might have been an issue in the past, but today more and more services are focused on delivering secure communications networks so these communications can happen with assurance.

VoIP in Healthcare
From large hospitals to small doctor offices, the hectic environment is the same. Medical professionals and receptionists are juggling multiple tasks and switching around their duties throughout the day to keep patients happy and alive.

VoIP phone systems provide the efficiency they need by consolidating tasks and adding new functionalities all within a single Internet-connected platform. From reduced hold times, to improved call routing and even better message transcription, there are so many ways VoIP brings benefit to medical offices.

HIPAA Compliance VoIP Phones
Even with all of the gained efficiencies, healthcare practices are still under the watchful eye of regulations from HIPAA and HITECH for example. These regulations governing medical data privacy come with hefty fines and worse when violated.

Compliant and secure phone systems is part of the requirements they set for healthcare facilities.   For this reason it is especially critical to choose a compliant VoIP phone offering. One that safely transmits, stores and receives private patient data.

Ready to make the upgrade to VoIP at your healthcare facility? Phone (News - Alert).com offers a  HIPAA compliant VoIP phone system for healthcare professionals to have worry-free calling.  Created through a partnership with the Compliancy Group, the offering delivers secure cloud-based calling capabilities for desk phones and softphones.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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