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Making Messaging Top Priority

February 04, 2019

More than seventy percent of phone calls are not answered and equally impressive, almost nine out of ten of inbound 800 calls to consumers are ignored.  Obviously, e-mail works in business-to-business but lacks punch in consumer communication, especially when involving small companies trying to have a bigger impact on those seen as the target market. According to the experts from MessagePro, CoreDial, at ITEXPO during the session, “Making Messaging Work for Your Enterprise and Why It Should Be a Priority.”  

Text messages are usually viewed within fifteen minutes, which suggests it is the best option faster responses and offers the opportunity for more real-time conversation between the clientele and the specific enterprise. Indeed, statistics are compelling and therefore, making messaging work and a priority is a must.

It would not be a surprise if a company already started using this communication tool to help internal interaction between employees or clients but the reality is, it probably isn’t doing much of a job to improve communication efficacy.

Some suggestions were made at the session; such as utilizing Google (News - Alert)+Hangouts, in which all a team member needs is a Google account and they are all set. Another suggestion was directing SMEs to Slack because it offers one-on-one and group chat functions to the business. Also, specifically for customer service, Rocketbots, an application that eliminates worrying about getting angry customer for not replying to a request. The bot serves as the instant responder,  while offering the team the opportunity to focus time on other company initiatives.

Adopting messaging for internal and external use is not optional, as our ominchannel, always-on, always plugged-in world demands it.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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