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Unified Office Launches Virtual Communications Console for Dental Practices at ITEXPO 2019

February 04, 2019
By Stefania Viscusi - Assignment Desk, Content Management

Dental offices share some of the busiest and task-intensive front offices as other medical facilities. Not only are receptionists and staff tasked with managing and caring for patients in the waiting room, they must also efficiently answer phones, transfer calls, schedule appointments and keep up to date on all communications and tasks needed for the office to thrive.

Add to this the fact that the dental industry is highly competitive, and the need for solutions that streamline and optimize operations becomes critical.

New virtual communications technologies are making the shift away from the traditional phone systems with push to hold buttons and replacing them with easy drag and drop interfaces that increase productivity and offer a better view of what’s happening for staff as well as management.

Managed services provider Unified Office launched a new offering, Total Connect Now Virtual Communications Console (TCNVCC) at ITEXPO (News - Alert) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in a bid to help dental practices boost productivity and revenue gains while also further improving patient experiences. 

Ray Pasquale, Founder & CEO of Unified Office commented on the new offering saying that it was created to help dentist’s capture more patient opportunities and eliminate the risk of missing calls to schedule appointments.

He explained how important this is, especially today for businesses to survive. “The Internet has completely changed how we consume information and purchase goods and services today. We expect that products and services will be delivered in real-time and all from a one-stop-shop. In this environment putting someone on hold, or even worse, putting them through to voicemail can result in missing a new or existing patient appointment which can result in lost revenue opportunities and potential reputational harm.”

The new Total Connect Now Virtual Communications Console solves this issue, Pasquale went on to say, because it provides the dental practice with, “increased flexibility, allowing them to make and answer calls from any location on any device."

New features include the ability to easily click to see patient records, forward calls to different locations, process calls from a desktop, laptop or tablet and offers visibility into who is on hold, how long they’ve been hold for and other important information.

It also integrates with leading dental practice management software on the market so detailed data about patients (like insurance coverage or billing information) is available right on the screen.

For administrators, it’s easy to manage and access solutions across all offices, no matter where they are – in the office or out - and provides performance analytics so they can create their own workflows and virtual communications environments as a managed service that Unified Office oversees 24x7 for customers. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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