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Even Small Contact Centers Can Benefit from Call Recording

January 25, 2019
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Virtual Office Resource Contributor

Call recording. It seems like one of those things large companies do that small companies don’t need to be bothered with. Once upon a time, when call recording was a complex process that required expensive equipment, that might have been the case. Today, it’s so easy to do – it’s often available with business voice over IP service -- it has no downsides…only business benefits for the contact center.

The Benefits

The benefits are many, and include:

Quality control. If you capture customer and call center interactions, you can listen to them to build a picture of the quality of your customer support. Listen to the problematic ones and identify where these calls are going wrong (or if it’s your product or marketing that’s wrong!). Also listen to the good calls to determine what agents are doing right.  Call recording is an excellent way to document both agent performance (and rewards) and customer response to your products and services.

For marketing. So now you have a collection of excellent customer calls. Why not use them to promote your quality? You can use them on your Web site and in digital marketing channels to demonstrate your customer support excellence.

Legal protection. In case of a misunderstanding with customers, it’s good to know you’ve got proof that can fend off any unwarranted accusations.

For training purposes. Compile a set of great customer calls, some mediocre ones and some bad ones. Use the to train new agents in what to do (and what not to do).

The Caveats

Call recording must be done legally, following all rules that might apply. Twelve U.S. states have what’s called “two-party consent” rules, meaning that both parties to the call must be made aware that the call is being recorded (so check your state’s rules). By using a voice over IP telephony solution and added call recording capability like that offered by (News - Alert), you can ensure that the correct notifications are being made, including the faint “beep” that lets parties know they’re being recorded, and better manage and store your calls.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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