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Nexmo Newest Addition to CUBES API Store

October 17, 2018
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Today’s developer sandbox is brimming with the building blocks and tools to piece together the communications solutions of future. Riding high on all the cloud affords, developers are in the midst of a renaissance, and digital first, modern businesses are reaping the rewards.

Vonage (News - Alert) announced its API platform, Nexmo, partnered with KPN to augment communication API presence in Europe. Nexmo joins the CUBES API Store stable of programmable communications APIs, with the newly available offerings making their first foray in the Netherlands.

"APIs have proven to play an important role in developing new propositions for consumer and business to business markets," said Anuschka Diderich, Thought Leader for APIs at KPN (News - Alert). "With our API store we provide developers, innovators and product owners access to building blocks to build and enrich their own propositions, and we're excited to offer the full catalog of game-changing Nexmo APIs."

Nexmo APIs provide enterprises the ability to enhance both internal and external communications. The mobile first trend illustrated by the modern workforce is serving as impetus for developers. And with these newly available APIs, authentication, voice, video, IP messaging applications are easily pieced together.  

"Businesses today must adapt to meet the demands of tech-savvy customers looking for contextual communications and more intuitive apps that make communication personal, relevant and seamless," said Mark Summerson, Global Partner Program Director for Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform.

Innovative communications experiences are what every developer intend on delivering. The building blocks at hand make creativity the only limitation of these innovative communications experiences.

How does your organization communicate?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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