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Taking a BITE Out of Cloud Communications

October 03, 2018
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

VoIP, cloud communications and the like are elevating operations with improved collaboration and communication tools. Virtual or on-premises, communications are taking flight, and one key area of enablement earning additional attention is mobility. No longer is the modern worker chained to their desks, and VoIP solutions are getting the message loud and clear.

BITE, Lithuanian mobile operator, announced the arrival of Smart call management service, which allows for seamless, user-friendly voice service that does not demand data services or the need of an app on the mobile device.  

Phone (News - Alert) calls constitute an essential and integral component of all commercial operations. Up until now, managing these calls and providing full access to PBX (News - Alert) functionality using mobile devices was challenging, with the only real option being the combination of VoIP and special apps installed on smartphones. This VoIP option is unsuitable for our demanding business subscribers due to reliability issues with voice quality, and the management overhead required to support the end-user apps,” noted the Head of Business Segment for BITE, Aurimas Kapocius.

Based on the platform, the cloud based service allows for instant deployment, saving IT from the headache of implementation while the BITE customer support team will configure, manage and support the newly launched service.

Pricing on BITE’s Smart call management service goes by SIM, involves no set up fees as well as a free first month. Once deployed, an organization can enjoy unlimited use of the service.

Regardless of vertical, cloud communications are touching all points of industry, and as communications evolve, our feature-rich, cloud-powered future continues to take shape.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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