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Voximplant Unveils Dialogflow Integration

June 01, 2018
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Cloud-based telephony is creating a new generation of innovative solutions, as developers are armed with a full complement of building blocks in the sandbox allowing creativity to sculpt communications for the future.

This week, Voximplant announced Voximplant Connector for Dialogflow, which allows developers and organizations the ability to connect any Voximplant application into a Dialogflow agent to process audio streams from calls. With the Dialogflow foundation a firm can develop future-forward customer service solutions.

Voximplant boasts Google (News - Alert) WaveNet text-to-speech synthetic voice service, which empowers natural interactions between customers and robots, while also automating basic tasks and outbound call flow. With Dialogflow’s robust machine learning and natural language understanding capabilities, context and intent are understood to ensure the solution provides the most appropriate response to resolve the customer’s issue.

Voximplant Connector for Dialogflow makes it possible to squeeze value out of a legacy phone system via integration, and supports phone numbers from more than 60 countries. With its backend enabling developers to create a wealth of communications services and applications, Voximplant provides a flexible foundation.

“Dialogflow offers a tremendously powerful toolset for businesses to wield in delivering next-generation voice experiences for their customers,” said Alexey Aylarov, CEO, Voximplant. “From the rise of AI and smart IVR interactions that are convincingly human to the automation of routine call tasks, the future of call-based customer service promises to be very different from the status quo of today – and this integration with Dialogflow puts Voximplant’s technology at the forefront of this evolution.”

The cloud was once a questionable undertaking, but today is driving communication and collaboration in business. This transformative technology is bringing a new day to development and pushing the possibilities of communication.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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