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Hotel PBX Gets Smarter

May 25, 2018
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

In the hospitality industry, the ability to connect with customers, hear their needs and deliver is mission critical. It can mean the difference between a 3-star and 4-star stay, and more importantly, whether or not you’ll be back to visit the same establishment again.

Phonesuite unveiled a new integration to its hotel PBX (News - Alert) platform: the addition of Roxy – a speech enabled device designed to deliver guests an in-room concierge service via virtual assistant.

"By integrating Roxy's intelligent, hotel-specific AI assistant with Phonesuite's PBX offerings, hotels are now able to up their game in guest satisfaction with full access to phone functionality and the ability to get guests the answers and items they need quicker and easier than ever," stated Cam Urban, CEO of Roxy.

Phonesuite sites recent research highlighting that nearly 40 million Americans already own a smart speaker, with an adoption rate growing faster than that of smartphones and tablets.  Growing adoption introduces growing demand for new and innovative services connected to the smart speaker.

Now, hotels simply access the user portal to configure settings. Software updates are responsible for adding new functions, so hotels can customize the solution to ensure guest demands are met.

"The Phonesuite integration with Roxy is huge for us” writes Nick Pearson, Assistant General Manager of Jupiter NEXT, a hotel in Portland, Oregon. “Using Roxy devices in lieu of legacy phones has saved us thousands, reduced clutter in our rooms all while delivering a more robust guest experience.”

The Internet of things is here, and a future of billions of connected devices is not far off, seeing PBX providers move in a more integrated direction will simply accelerate these efforts. And, are improving the guest experience along the way.

What’s your favorite PBX feature?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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