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Traditional Telephony Turns to Machine Learning

April 12, 2018
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Facebook (News - Alert) CEO, Mark Zuckerberg may be stealing the front page, but that is not slowing down Silicon Valley, or innovation for that matter. Digital transformation marches on, with communications the focus for today.

SignalWire, a communications startup, announced its support for low-latency POTS service integration Google’s (News - Alert) Cloud Text-to-Speech API and Cloud Dialogflow Enterprise Edition products. Still in “stealth-mode,” the startup is developing what it refers to as an elastic communications platform intended to empower enterprises and developers with a user-friendly way to develop communications applications.

"Google challenged us to deliver something no other vendor could – a low latency interface between Google Cloud and the traditional telephone network," said Anthony Minessale, CEO of SignalWire and lead author of the Open Source (News - Alert) FreeSWITCH project. "We're excited to work with Google, our developer community and mutual customers to deliver a best-of-breed advanced level IVR."

With Google’s newly released Text-to-Speech API, developers can leverage synthesized natural-sounding speech in a number of languages with a multitude of different voices to choose. In addition, Google’s Dialogflow Enterprise enables the ability to develop conversational interfaces for messaging platforms, mobile apps, IoT devices and more.

The new release from SignalWire bridges the gap between traditional telephony and the digital age to create a future-forward engagement tool powered by Google’s Machine Learning. In deploying the offering, companies can create programmable, rich interactions that customers appreciate, with POTS serving as the foundation.

Companies seek efficient and effective means to communicate to customers. The omnichannel charge is empowering customers with an arsenal of ways to seek resolution, with self-service growing in popularity. Leveraging an IVR is nothing new, but as SignalWire comes out of stealth-mode it seems some more enhancements could be on the way.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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