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Ribbon Communications Explains UC Security Offering

March 12, 2018
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

Ribbon Communications Inc. is expanding on its unified communications security platform with a handful of new enhancements.

The Ribbon Protect platform – which provides a single view of the end-to-end network to do fraud management, UC threat detection, and secure network operations – now features FRAUDProtect, Intelligent Network Operations Suite, NETProtect, ROBOProtect, and TDOSProtect.

FRAUDProtect looks for and flags anomalies in calling patterns, origination and destination points. That enables organizations to quickly identify and block toll fraudsters.

Toll fraud occurs when people use telecommunications services without intending to pay for them. This has been going on since the 1970s, but it’s expanding with the introduction of IP technology. Once a hacker breaks into a businesses’ phone system, they can make loads of calls to an array of far-flung locations. And SIP and VoIP enable bad actors to breach a single extension and then add more channels to provide the ability to support even more calls.

The new Ribbon Intelligent Network Operations Suite uses proactive analytics to improve the user experience and reduce operational costs. This includes network-wide monitoring, reporting, SIP ladder diagrams, and troubleshooting. Plus there’s at capacity planning application to help assess UC network growth.

NETProtect distributes threat detection policies across the network. That includes firewalls and session border controllers.

ROBOProtect uses advanced databases to identify robocall sources. That way, organizations can apply edge network policies to block those calls.

And TDOSProtect employs algorithms and machine learning to mitigate attacks from large volumes of unwanted calls. “While these calls may appear valid, they can tie up or crash mission-critical communication applications such as call centers, IVRs or PBX (News - Alert) trunks with long call duration times,” the company explains.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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