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Stock Traders Need to Prepare for Recording Requirements

November 08, 2017
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

Stock traders in India will greet 2018 with new trade transaction recording processes in place. Rules requiring them to keep records of all trades go into effect Jan. 1.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India recently established these new transaction recording requirements. The aim is to reduce disputes and fraud related to stock trades in the country.

Starting in the new year, all stock trades will have to be recorded. And those records will need to be maintained.

SEBI in a circular it distributed in September explained this effort aims to “strengthen regulatory provisions against unauthorized trades and also to harmonize the requirements across markets….” Records could be in the form of a physical record written and signed by a client. Or they could be a telephone recording, an email from an authorized email ID, a log for internet transactions, a record of SMS messages, or any other legally verifiable record. The circular did not specify how long traders need to keep those records.

While new regulations create new costs and tasks for some businesses, they can be beneficial to other entities. For example, in this case, companies that provide recording solutions may find new opportunities as a result.

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There are many companies that provide recording solutions. And Knowlarity is among that group. It offers a cloud telephony system through which stock brokers can input and store client orders.

In fact, a variety of companies from various industry verticals and in various parts of the world use Knowlarity solutions. The company serves more than 15,000 companies, including AxiomEstates, The Times of India, and Reliance Foundation.

In addition to its recording solutions, Knowlarity provides call center solutions,

enables businesses to efficiently send automated outbound text and voice messages, supports click to call functionality, and offers virtual numbers.

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