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MessageBird Uncages VoIP API

October 13, 2017
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

MessageBird has uncaged a new API that enables third-party apps and services to support VoIP calls. And the company expects to announced IVR, SIP trunking, and WebRTC capabilities in the coming months.

“Our VoIP API gives users another channel to reach their end users, making customer communication that much easier,” MessageBird said in its blog. “Businesses of all sizes can now make and receive calls from customers through our Voice API in the cloud. To ensure fault-tolerance, security, and quality control, we’ve built our voice stack in-house from the ground up. And perhaps best of all, calls are billed per second rather than per minute?– ?a small detail that can significantly reduce monthly calling costs.”

The MessageBird Voice API allows for auto machine detection, audio playback, call recording, and call transcribing. It allows users to detect whether their call has reached an answering machine and either hang up or leave a message. Audio playback enables users to upload a sound file that will play upon answer. And with call transcription, users can get reports on pre-selected calls.

The company expects the Voice API to be used for such things as account security, anonymous communications, and automated forwarding. It can allow for the use of voice messaging to enable two-factor authentication for customers who are unable to receive text messages. It can connect customers and employees without sharing identities or personal contact information. And local MessageBird numbers from around the world can forward incoming calls to a chosen destination.

MessageBird Voice API is RESTful and uses JSON data formats. This new offering expands on MessageBird's existing API portfolio, which chat, SMS, and other cloud-based communications tools.

In other recent API news, cloud contact center and inside sales solutions provider NewVoiceMedia (News - Alert) earlier this year came out with its Spring ’17 release of ContactWorld. It provides businesses with enhanced APIs and the ability to send SMS messages. 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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