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Cision Communication Cloud Unifies Cision's Media Presence

October 26, 2016
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Sometimes, finding the media that's desired at the time can be difficult. Even well-organized media can have this problem, but it's a problem that may have a lot less impact thanks to a new move from Cision. Cision recently launched a complete, all-in-one communications system known as the Cision Communication Cloud that brings together all of Cision's media offerings, and may well bring new options to the package beyond that.

With Cision Communication Cloud, Cision could unify a string of communications properties the company has acquired over the last several years. Now, Cision can bring together Gorkana, PRWeb, PR Newswire (News - Alert), Vocus, Viralheat, iContact and Visual Intelligence into one central nexus, and in November, the company is set to add Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to its lineup.

Having all these functions together in one place makes it easier for these to be put to use, increasing the desirability of the overall platform. Users will not only be able to monitor social and media channels, but also make better connections with the users of these channels, including influencers in the field. Now, users can take better advantage of earned media, which is a worthwhile point given that owned and paid media are on the decline.

Word from the company CEO, Kevin Akeroyd, suggests that Cision hasn't finished its acquisitions yet, and plans to bring in some more properties to round out the package and make it as fully-featured as possible. Akeroyd also noted “All we’re doing right now is helping the CCO play catch up. This idea of a unified platform instead of individual point solutions is super mature everywhere else except for comms. This is about data, content, applications, and media all coming together.”

Basically, this is about getting hands on more data, and being better able to put that data to good use. With the rise of big data analytics still fresh in many memories, it's become likewise clear that big data needs data in order to analyze and develop actionable insights around it. Without that raw material, analytics doesn't go very far. Cision in turn looks to make it a little easier to get that data and spread information around, both points that have clear value in a business' overall operations.

In the end, Cision's Communication Cloud should offer plenty of value for businesses who are in increasing need of data to generate insight and plan policy accordingly. Making it easier to reach it makes it easier to put to use, and that's a valuable proposition.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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