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PhoneSuite Voiceware Lands Flowroute Certification

September 29, 2016
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Technology partnerships are often good news for both sides of the partnership. New partnerships generally add value to old technologies and give both sides reason to recontact old customers to offer expanded sales propositions. Recently, a new such partnership took place as PhoneSuite joined the Flowroute technology partner program, giving Flowroute access to a set of new software-as-a-service (SaaS (News - Alert)) communications tools.

With the recent partnership, the two companies have established compatibility between PhoneSuite's Voiceware system and Flowroute's current lineup. Voiceware is a session initiation protocol (SIP) compliant tool that's especially designed for use with hotel systems, making it a prime choice for the hospitality industry. That interoperability helps ensure not only access to top-notch voice communications tools, but also more rapid installation of the systems, making it faster to market and a minimal disruption to customers. Plus, the augmented tools give the end user—the hotel patron—a better overall experience, better ensuring return business.

Flowroute chief marketing officer Dan Nordale (News - Alert) commented “Flowroute customers expect the highest performance from their communications technology providers and we appreciate PhoneSuite's drive to clear this high bar. The formalization of our partnership is an important step for our joint customers and the hospitality industry as a whole. PhoneSuite embodies the revolution in communication that is putting a stop to 'PBX (News - Alert) Regret' for hoteliers, while simultaneously making voice more affordable and scalable while dramatically transforming the communications experience and we are proud to provide the unparalleled call quality and commitment to customer service that makes Flowroute the choice for SaaS companies.”

Taking a system that already works well and adding more capability to it overall is seldom unwelcome, and in this case, it should make both PhoneSuite and Flowroute more likely to be taken in by hospitality industry businesses. New technology partnerships often have a welcome effect on overall operations, particularly in terms of drawing business. Granted, the hospitality industry is coming under fire of late from things like video conferencing and an uncertain overall economy, but anything that can be done to get current guests coming back and offering up positive word-of-mouth advertising for businesses is important to pursue. Having a top-notch communications experience in a hotel can be particularly important, especially for those pursuing the business travel crowd. Business travel needs particularly robust communications systems, and Flowroute and PhoneSuite should help on that end.

The combination of Flowroute and PhoneSuite should be a welcome one in the end, delivering value throughout the spectrum and giving both companies a new importance in the field. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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