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Nimblevox Cloud-Based Solution SMS Campaign Ready

May 13, 2016
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Cloud-based telephony is transforming communications, each day the headlines illustrate the innovative communication solutions entering the market. From the contact center and corporate headquarters to the small business, the cloud is making its mark. Today, for instance, NewNet (News - Alert) announced the addition of a new SMS feature to the Nimblevox Cloud-based IVR solution.

NewNet, a provider of cloud-based communications solutions announced its SMS Blast application is now generally available as part of the Nimblevox cloud communications platform. The feature enables a  cost-friendly an easy to perform outbound text messaging campaign via the TeleMessage mass SMS delivery channel.

Nimblevox was already feature-rich with such capabilities as voice self-service, automated IVR, and SMS. The platform allows for easy customization, resulting in effective notifications, improved customer service and increased loyalty.

“The key benefit of the Nimblevox SMS Blast and IVR applications is that graphical tools make it easy for non-technical personnel to customize messages, schedule campaigns and monitor results for voice and text,” said Kutluk Uslu, Business Unit President. “These benefits coupled with the cost effectiveness of a pay per use cloud service eliminate many of the barriers previously encountered when enhancing multi-channel communications.”

Research has shown SMS to be an extremely effective way to reach your target audience. With an average click-through rate of 36 percent and an average open rate of 99 percent to not leverage this channel is simply put, a missed opportunity.

“TeleMessage provides a secure and reliable SMS messaging infrastructure that is ideal for messaging campaigns of all volumes,” said Guy Levit, CEO for TeleMessage. “Integration with the Nimblevox cloud platform and service creation tool makes it easy to take advantage of the messaging channel for reminders, alerts, offers and more.”

The cloud was once a murky proposition littered with vulnerability and doubt. Today, it is unlocking opportunity. So the cloudy forecast moving forward is a good thing, sit back and watch innovation at work.

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Edited by Peter Bernstein

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