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New Years Resolution for Startups: More Virtual Offices for 2016

January 14, 2016
By Michelle Amodio - Virtual Office Resource Contributor

Technology has afforded us lots of opportunities to work wherever we wish, so it’s rather surprising that brick-and-mortar offices, particularly for startups, exist as much as they do.

Why is it surprising? For one, virtual offices are significantly less expensive to run than physical ones, simply because of overhead costs. There are no utility bills, no rent, no maintenance fees, or other building expenses.

For those who may be concerned about where to meet with clients, virtualization means no need for a physical space. While you may be running your operation from your apartment, you can look just as professional as the next business with virtual meeting rooms, and virtual meeting rooms means time saved. Gone is the need to fly in clients or senior staff, rent cars, or shell out for a per diem staffer during their stay. This is a huge savings for any business, but particularly for one that’s just getting off the ground.

Scheduling virtual meetings in a virtual office environment is a great time management tip to reduce the hours you’d otherwise spend coordinating travel. Virtual meetings can come together anytime and anywhere – even on the go, should the need arise.

If you have some capital to hire employees, you’re not limited to who you can hire and where if you use a virtual office. A virtual office means you can hire an employee, regardless of where they are located, thus giving you a broader scope to find the best talent to fulfill your needs and expand your business.  With advances in communication technology, you can give the impression of a single office no matter where your employees or partners may live. You can assign each of your employees or partners their own private extension where calls can be sent. You can even differentiate business calls from personal calls, so you know how to answer the phone.

In addition to acquiring the best talent, virtual offices can mean happier employees. Productivity soars when telecommuters are performing creative tasks. Inc. Magazine found that remote workers tend to be about 10 percent less productive than their in-office colleagues when they perform repetitive work. Remote workers are about 20 percent more productive when they get to think outside the box.

Conducting business in a professional way is essential to the growth and success of your business, regardless of size. By leveraging a virtual office service, you can present the best of what your company has to offer to all of your clients, no matter where you are. 

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