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Zettabox Adds a Messenger Service to Its Cloud Storage Platform

November 20, 2015
By Brian Carey - Contributing Writer

On Wednesday, Zettabox launched a messenger service as an addition to its cloud storage and team sharing platform.

The new service, dubbed Zettabox Messenger, will help teams collaborate over the files that they share and create. It’s an effort to make communication between team members fast and easy.

Zettabox Messenger runs on Apple (News - Alert), iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. It enables team members who share folders to create a virtual community that’s based on folders and content. The lifespan of the community can be as little as an hour or as long as the entire life of the project.

The new service also offers security. Messages are sent back and forth only between members of the same community.

In previous versions of Zettabox, users were required to send emails to each other that included large files and long message strings. Thanks to the launch of the Zettabox Messenger, team members have a more streamlined means of online communication.

"Given sweeping changes to data privacy rules in Europe, Zettabox should be the choice of any company seeking to comply with the recent European Court of Justice ruling declaring that the US is not a safe harbor for Europeans' data,” says Zettabox founder James Kinsella. “Furthermore, Zettabox is fully compliant with what are anticipated as the strictest requirements under the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation the EU is now finalizing."

The company also offers GeoTool. That’s a service that allows users to select a specific data center in Europe to store data. GeoTool complies with prevailing “right to be forgotten” rules – Europe’s effort to secure private, possibly damaging information to individuals.

Zettabox provides cloud-based team sharing tools for companies that must comply with Europe’s data protection laws. Althought Zettabox can be used by anyone, it was built specifically for businesses. The service offers a dashboard that’s complete with controls that enable users to easily manage content within a team.

Zettabox is based in London and Prague.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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