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Fonality Wants Businesses to Work Smarter This Holiday Season

November 17, 2015
By Casey Houser - Contributing Writer

Private branch exchange infrastructure and unified communications software provider Fonality (News - Alert) says it wants everyone to have a happy holiday season this year. It notes, however, that many of the enterprise dedicated could find themselves burning the midnight oil instead of spending time with family or just getting out of the office.

Fonality Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Valentine spoke about how its own software can help businesses help their own employees strike a work-life balance that actually remains balanced. Although it may be the reality that Americans leave more than half of their vacation days unused, according to a recent Glassdoor Employment survey, the availability of UC software can change the tide toward more personal enjoyment (perhaps less work) this season.

Valentine has more on the issue:

“Work-life balance is just that – a balance act,” Valentine said. “We’re not encouraging workers to burn the midnight oil over the holidays. Instead, we suggest they take advantage of tools that help them remain connected as needed while traveling and gathering with family. Technology has evolved such that businesses can now allow employees the flexibility afforded by unified communication tools.”

What this means for all employees – specifically those Americans that either refuse to use their vacation days or those that take work home with them – is that they can use tools such as the Fonality Heads Up Display that brings presence, video conferencing, instant messaging, and screen sharing to any device with an Internet connection. Individual employees can see the status of team members and connect with them through voice, video, and messaging as they see fit. The UC software takes away the uncertainty of whether or not members have received messages or can reach others when work-based needs come calling.

Fonality says this type of software can keep teams connected with each other and can also allow customers service agents to keep in touch with customers. This method of working remotely means to allow employees to get work done quickly and without playing guessing games regarding essential messages to teams. For employees, this can translate to less stress because they can complete tasks away from the office. For managers, it means that, no matter the location, work will get accomplished.

Although the holidays may continue to place stress on businesses to get more done in less time, the addition of a complete UC software package can take a significant strain from all workplace members involved. It can even make for better customer support and give all customers the impression that employees are burning the midnight oil when, in reality, they are just working smarter than the previous holiday year.

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