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RHUB TurboMeeting Clears Two Million User Milestone

September 15, 2015
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

It's always an exciting time when a milestone is reached, or recently passed. It's a confirmation of achievement, of reaching a critical point that proves a product or service is valuable, well-received, and likely to continue providing value to its users. Recently, Collaborations Technologies offered up some word of its own about a new milestone crossed for the RHUB TurboMeeting system: over 2,000,000 users worldwide who now turn to the solution.

RHUB (News - Alert)'s TurboMeeting, reports note, supports GoMeetNow, a Web conferencing system that comes with guaranteed attendance. GoMeetNow has specifically resolved many common issues that can keep people out of online conferencing, including thing s like firewall blocking and corporate download policies. But with GoMeetNow, it's much simpler to get in on the action. Plus, there's a complete webinar mode that allows attendees to get in on webinar services without having to download or install new products beforehand.

But there's more to like about GoMeetNow than just its accessibility; there are also some surprisingly low startup costs, as meeting prices start at two participants for $12.95 a month. Extra participants, meanwhile, are just $1 per participant per month, and that can be adjusted as needed. Audio conferencing, meanwhile, comes free, and up to 15 participants can have webcams going for videoconferencing.

The technology has already been put to work by some major firms, including Hitachi and Zultys (News - Alert), making it a reliable and clearly useful service. Just to top it all off, it can also be owned directly, with the RHUB appliance available to users in specific situations, like for larger companies that need a lot of participants, sufficiently so that the per-user rates become uneconomical. Those companies that need customization and integration for a better user experience may also do better with the appliance, as those whose collaboration needs exceed the capabilities offered by Web conferencing.

One key point to take away from all this is the sheer flexibility of the RHUB technology, especially as represented by GoMeetNow. This is a service that can offer coverage for anything from two users to several hundred, and at the same time provide those users with a wide range of services. The number of users encompassed by this development can be modified as needed, meaning that no one's tied down to  a long-term contract that may not have a lot of validity for the user after the fact. Throw in the fact that a huge number of users are already engaged in this technology—and some fairly high-profile names besides—and the end result is a positive one for the users, illustrating in part why so many turn to this service.

Whether it's a hosted service or a full-on appliance, the RHUB Communications (News - Alert) tools should prove to be a worthwhile addition to an operation, the kind that helps keep communications running smoothly and makes a business better for the added capability. It's actually hard to see a situation which wouldn't be helped out by this system, and that's perhaps the most surprising development of all.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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