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Be Careful about Virtual Offices in Locations Where VoIP is Banned, says

September 12, 2012
By Ed Silverstein - Virtual Office Resource Contributor

VoIP lets users plug an ATA (analog telephony adapter) into any Internet-connected Ethernet port and then have virtual office or home phone service anywhere in the world. But, in some locations, users must be careful about where they make VoIP calls, advises There are locations where using VoIP to make a long distance call could mean a prison sentence.

Using VoIP may seem to be convenient for travelers. VoIP calls can be made from hand-held devices, including cell phones, tablets, or portable devices.

But, be forewarned. For instance, Nepal’s Central Investigation Bureau last month raided what they called an illegal “VoIP call center” in Shantitole, Manamaiju. Three suspects were arrested, two of them were Bangladeshi.

It is alleged they had a role in the operation of a call center, which was being run out of a private house. It was being run from a single desktop computer. Police allege the suspects posed as licensed operators and service providers, according to

Police seized there three VoIP devices, 38 SIM cards, a desktop computer, antennae and inverters, according to a report from the Himalayan Times. Some 79 suspects, allegedly connected to VoIP use, many of whom are from outside of Nepal, are now in Nepal jails for similar charges.

The penalty for using VoIP in Nepal is up to five years in jail. Authorities can also impose a fine equal to the long distance revenue that Nepal’s national telecom carrier lost because of VoIP use, according to the newspaper.

The series of arrests was called “Operation Voice Fox” and is directed at illegal call centers, the Himalayan Times reported.

Other countries have VoIP bans in effect, as well, Phone (News - Alert).com said.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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