Virtual Office Featured Articles

  • ITEXPO 2015 Microsoft Keynote Explores Future Innovation in the Workplace
    Before yesterday's grand opening of the exhibition hall on day two of ITEXPO 2015, Paco Contreras, Director of WW Product Marketing of Microsoft, delivered the day's final keynote.
  • LiveCube Reengages Industry Event Participation
    The events space is in flux, due partially to the fact that every business professional now hangs by their phone. This reliance on one's phone, and the ever-present need to check in with social networks, can be a challenge for a live event where the point is face-to-face networking and idea sharing. Smartphones isolate.
  • and Callinize Come Together to Improve CRMs
    Consumers today have a wide range of options when it comes to interacting with businesses, and each touch point is an opportunity for companies to gather information that could help in improving the organization. Bringing the resources of each interaction together is now made possible with CRM, but even that can get complicated because of the many different platforms available in the marketplace. A new partnership between and Callinize will offer a solution that will help organizations manage their business relationships and the data that is associated with those interactions.
  • The Mobile Workforce is Shaking Up Technology
    Sometimes a movement comes along that drives fundamental changes in technology, and mobile workers are rapidly proving-if such haven't already proven-to be one of these great movements. Indeed, technology itself is changing to suit the needs of the mobile workforce, and a new report suggests there three main ways that's taking place.
  • Four Tools to Get Your Business Rolling
    Pity the startup when it comes to time. There's so much to do, and so little manpower; the life of most startups is constant triage. Since time is in such short supply, it becomes important to lay a good business foundation and do it quickly; there's no time to be fiddling with accounting software when a business is honing its unique sales proposition and building out its offerings to customers.
  • Is Your Virtual Office Destined to Fail?
    Do you work in a physical office that houses a number of other professionals and a branded sign on the door or the side of the building? It sounds like a funny question, but the reality today is the virtual office is nearly as common as the physical office. Technology has eliminated many of the geographical boundaries that kept us in one place, but has this approach to managing a business always been successful?
  • peoplefone Partners with Veeting Rooms to Deliver Web Conferencing Solution
    peoplefone AG is a Swiss company considered to be one of the pioneers in Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. The company developed its own VoIP platform, peoplefone, which is an open system, compatible with all VoIP PBXs and SIP devices, whose technology is independent of the Internet provider.
  • Broadview Improves OfficeSuite Management with Upgrade of Dashboard Tool
    Broadview announced recently the release of version 2.0 of its MyOfficeSuite portal for managing OfficeSuite services. The update includes support for mobile users and added support for browsers.
  • Getting Telecommuting Done Right
    The largest segment of workers wants it, it makes economic sense, and technology has made it any easy move. Despite all these votes in favor of telecommuting, there's still the human element to contend with-and that makes telecommuting a trickier proposition.
  • Small Businesses Can Use Telecommuting to Their Advantage
    Millennials make up a third of the entire working population in the U.S. now, according to Pew research based on recent U.S. Census data. There now are more millennial workers than baby boomers. This can be an advantage for small businesses, because young workers value mobility and small businesses are in a better position to offer it.
  • MetTel Expands Offering with iMeet All-in-one Web, Video and Audio Conferencing
    The processing power of smartphones is growing at such a rate, chipmaker ARM told Wired the projection date of when we can go phone-only: 2016. For many individuals there is no need to wait until that time, because smartphones can currently perform almost all of the tasks our PCs can. This has given companies a very powerful tool to get more productivity out of their employees no matter where they are. And the current ecosystem of the workplace now requires collaboration tools to bring everyone together seamlessly on their mobile devices.
  • VCXC Acknowledges Communications Industry's Role in Facilitating Global Peace
    The latest wave of advocacy for global peace is coming from a somewhat unexpected place: the communications industry. Whether or not you're familiar with the Oprah Winfrey Network's Belief Series and the Belief Team, the Voice Communication Exchange Committee (VCXC) has taken to heart its energies with the recent announcement of a Belief Campaign. VCXC is an organization dedicated to encouraging the widespread (and eventually exclusive) adoption of IP-based communications.
  • In the Wake of the Cloud: A 360 Degree View of the Cloud's Impact
    The cloud has vastly changed the workplace environment, from streamlining management operations to improving productivity and collaboration for employees. When looking at business agility, cloud technologies have improved the pace and efficiency at which employees function and have provided a centralized management system for businesses to store company information. Whether it's internal processes such as human resources (HR) or client facing cloud services, commonly seen in the medical field with patient records accessible through cloud-based portals, these solutions are improving the way businesses are run.
  • RHUB TurboMeeting Clears Two Million User Milestone
    It's always an exciting time when a milestone is reached, or recently passed. It's a confirmation of achievement, of reaching a critical point that proves a product or service is valuable, well-received, and likely to continue providing value to its users. Recently, Collaborations Technologies offered up some word of its own about a new milestone crossed for the RHUB TurboMeeting system: over 2,000,000 users worldwide who now turn to the solution.
  • Global Enterprise Mobility Market Growing Big Time
    The name of the game in the business world these days is staying connected, but that doesn't mean a businessman needs to make sure he is in the office at all times. Mobility is the other name of the game and there are more than a few recent reports that underline that sentiment. The most recent report actually believes that the Global Enterprise Mobility Market is set to explode from its $6.6 billion mark in 2014 to a massive $11.2 billion by the end of 2022. That is a CAGR of 6.83 percent.
  • Places in Inc. 5000 for Fourth Consecutive Year
    In the interest of encouraging economic development and especially innovation among private companies, the Inc. 5000 annually recognizes the fastest-growing companies in the country. Rankings are determined by the contenders' percentage of revenue growth over a four year period; 2015 rankings are based on a comparison of growth from 2011 to 2014.
  • Enterprise Mobility is the Next Big Challenge for Corporate IT Departments
    Ten years ago, "mobility" meant something different than it does today. It meant that employees on the road occasionally used their cell phones to connect with customers and the office, via phone calls or text messages. Mobile devices - mostly feature phones - were simply a stand-in for desk phones and hard-wired desktop computers.
  • Young Workers Expect Telecommute Options
    As a mobile worker who rarely works in an office and long has struggled against telecommute prejudice, I'm happy to report that the next generation of employees will be much like me: mobile and unapologetically so.
  • Telecommuting on the Rise: Is VoIP a Key Factor?
    The results from Gallup's annual Work and Education poll are in, and it looks like telecommuting is on the up and up. Thanks to modern telecommunications technology, workers are having an easier time doing their jobs from their respective homes.
  • Fonality Wants Companies to be Ready for Emergencies During National Preparedness Month
    September is National Preparedness Month (NPM), and the goal is to bring awareness to the potential disasters that can affect communities across the country. While the event is designed for calamities in the physical world, our dependence on technology also demands the same type of awareness to many of the dangers we face in the digital world.
  • Sprint Rolls Switch Into Mobile Workplace Bundle, Marking Switch's First Carrier Win
    Switch, the company that brought the world UberConference, today announced Sprint as its first carrier customer. The telco will add Switch's cloud-based business phone/unified communications offering to its mobile workplace solution.
  • Tricks to the Successful Virtual Office
    When I first filled a sales role, workplace mobility was in play, although the term hadn't really taken hold. We each had cell phones in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) kind of way. (We were BYOD before it was cool!) And we used laptops to track our activities, send emails and prepare proposals. There was the potential for the virtual office, but we weren't quite there, yet.
  • HR Needs to Support Young, Mobile Workforce
    Human Resources professionals are going to need more advanced communication and collaboration tools, according to the Converged Technology Group, a Managed Services Provider based in Islandia, New York.
  • Hotel Operators: Travelers Want Data Access More Than Breakfast
    Admittedly, there's not much summer left in the summer travel season, but with the fall color tours about to kick up, the slower tourist seasons making prime opportunities for deal-seeking travelers, and of course the upcoming Flight of the Snowbirds (in which retirees from northern climes head south for the winter) mean there will be plenty of opportunities afoot.
  • Six Telephone Etiquette Mistakes in 2015
    Phone use has changed quite a bit since the days of Alexander Graham Bell and the introduction of the telephone. And while it may no longer be a faux pas to invite someone to a party over the phone, like it was back when telephones first were invented, there still are many phone etiquette issues that most of us have yet to pick up. Etiquette is a moving target, like fashion, and things have been changing quite a bit recently now that we have VoIP, cell phones and the virtual office.
  • Virtual Offices Can Take Advantage of Free Apps to Facilitate Collaboration
    In today's business climate, where the cloud, mobility and BYOD are shaping communications and operating apps and services, flexibility and cost savings are essential. While companies may have a reliable phone system or UC solution in place in their brick-and-mortar facilities, remote workers and the virtual office are equally important.
  • Say Goodbye to Your Commute with These Six Jobs
    The average American spends 38 hours a year stuck in traffic. This is valuable time you could be spending with your family, reading a book, or actually doing, you know, work. At 38 hours per commuter each year, the cost of all of this wasted time and fuel comes out to $121 billion annually.
  • Survey: Internet Connectivity Most Important When Choosing Office Space
    A survey by WiredScore has shown that Internet connectivity is one of the most important factors for employees when choosing office space.
  • to Offer Yealink T2 Series IP Phones offers its cloud-based phone service platform to more than 25,000 customers. Many of those customers are small businesses and entrepreneurs, and those same firms and individuals will now have access to a number of Yealink IP phones that just added to its portfolio.
  • The Virtual Office: Evolution and Implementation
    In today's progressive technological environment, businesses operate globally and around the clock. In order to stay competitive, many have adopted cloud technologies that increase accessibility, visibility and accountability to support virtual offices. This allows businesses to expand and attract the best talent, regardless of location.
  • Pie Gets a $1.2 Million Filling of Funding for Enterprise Chat
    A Singapore-based start-up with a delicious name has snagged $1.2 million in series A funding, which it intends to use to democratize enterprise chat tools.
  • Wheelings & Dealings: Fuze Acquires LiveMinutes
    Fuze, a cloud videoconferencing provider, has announced that it has acquired online workspace company LiveMinutes.
  • 3 Green Project Management Tools to Increase Company Productivity
    Not only are paper documents a pain to file, but they're also wasteful on the environment. In fact, according to the EPA, we use 69 million tons of paper and paperboard every year. Most of that paper is consumed by businesses that use their fair share of paper for managing projects. Additionally, Americans take more than 405 million business trips each year - accounting for 16 percent of all long distance travel.
  • DocAuto Introduces ePredict 2.0
    No person is an island, and that's especially true in the modern office. DocAuto has announced the release of version 2.0 of its ePredict email tagging solution for WorkSite.
  • The Best Performing Employees Prefer to Work From Home
    Telecommuting has a strange reputation. Some swear by it, convinced that it's the next great thing in business to allow access to not only a better-performing workforce, but access to all those great workers from all parts of the globe. Others are convinced it's a convenient excuse to slack off at work. A new study from the Harvard Business Review suggests that those who think it's a shirking tool may need to reconsider.
  • Cloud Technology Can Make or Break a Virtual Office
    All offices need certain things to function; a quality Internet connection, certain kinds of hardware, even a note of peace and quiet for concentration. But a virtual office needs all of these and just a little more; perhaps the most important thing to make a virtual office function is cloud-based technology. The proper use of such technology, meanwhile, can make a virtual office into a superstar operation.
  • 4NB VideoOffice Taking Off in Japan
    Japan has been known as an early adopter when it comes to some technologies, and videoconferencing seems to be no exception, with 4NB's VideoOffice allowing meetings over mobile devices.
  • Study: Over Half of UK Businesses Need to Re-evaluate Their Videoconferencing Hardware
    Most organizations want to integrate the latest technology to make their organizations more efficient, but certain issues can stop them from doing so. The problem can be related to lack of resources or even awareness of what is available in the market place. Research by Blue Jeans Network, a cloud-based videoconferencing solutions provider, has revealed more than half, or 56 percent of those surveyed, have videoconferencing hardware that is outdated and not fit for purpose.
  • 4 Ways the Cloud Helps Engage Millennials at Work
    What motivates today's knowledge worker? Recently at the Avaya Engages Silicon Valley event, I had the chance to hear Daniel Pink, author of the New York Times bestselling book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. He argues that it takes more than just money to motivate today's workers. It takes AMP, short for Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose, the "building blocks for the new way of doing things," he said.
  • A More Virtual Office: MegaPath's Latest Add-on
    MegaPath Cloud Services has announced several new features for its UC service to enable better connections between MegaPath users and their customers, partners and colleagues. These three new features are indicative of the company's newfound focus on the cloud and managed services segments.
  • Not Just In Schools: Telecommuting Takes Down the Snow Day
    Recently, we saw how technology was working to make school snow days a thing of the past. Now businesses are getting in on the act.
  • VoIP Pioneer Still Passionate Two Decades Later
    Perhaps the most widely discussed technology today is voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). Using the Internet to make phone calls allows businesses to slash telecom costs and collaborate more easily; as such, the technology has been widely adopted over the past several years.
  • Survey Finds Desk Phones Becoming Obsolete in Small Business World
    A new report by AccessDirect claims that small businesses are making the desk phone a business tool of the past. The small business provider of virtual phone systems, including those that use solutions like Voice over LTE (VoLTE) claims that while there are fewer and fewer desk phones to be found in small business headquarters, the need for voicemail is still alive and well.
  • Study Reveals Enterprise Struggling with Evolving Cyber Risks
    The cyber risks businesses face today come from many different sources, including heavily financed criminal organizations and rogue governments. Using top of the line hardware and sophisticated software, they are able to eventually crack even the most fortified systems in the world. Enterprises are therefore extremely anxious when it comes to choosing the right solution, because at the end of the day there is no such thing as the right solution.
  • Rise of the Machines at Work: The Ava 500 & Others Join the Work Force
    Who out there hasn't at one time stared wistfully at the date and wondered, where are our flying cars? Where are our jet packs, holodecks and replicators? Why aren't we flying through space, seeking out new life and new civilizations? Perhaps most often, we wonder, where are the robots that were going to do all our drudge work? While we've made some progress on this front with things like the Roomba, we're also starting to see robots at work. Not just the giant industrial models that are so often seen as a way to make human workers redundant, but smaller, simpler models that help users be in more than one place at once like the recently unveiled Ava 500.
  • Columbus Unveils Virtual Desktop Solution Options in New Regions
    Virtual desktops have caught the fancy of both employees and employers in the last few years because they enable users to access their workstation operating systems and application from anywhere, from any connected device. This provides various benefits to both the employees and management and hence, an increasing number of companies have been adopting this practice.
  • European Businesses Not Embracing Collaboration Tools and Tactics
    The most prominent consideration, technological capability, is becoming increasingly important for companies, especially those that manufacture and deal with high-tech goods and services do not have a monopoly on knowledge. David Loseby, the chief procurement officer for transport group Arriva, says "nobody has all the wisdom that is necessary to make high-tech products." As products and technologies become more complex, collaboration becomes more important than ever.
  • HappyDesk Changes the Shared Space Industry
    The concept of shared space has been around for some time providing individuals and small companies a fully furnished facility with all the bells and whistles without having to sign a long term lease. Depending on the organization, these spaces can be leased on an hourly basis with certain minimums. HappyDesk Sharing-Space-as-a-Service (Saas) software was created to bring the companies in the shared space industry and coordinate their resources to make them more efficient and provide better service for their customers. The company announced it has introduced enterprise-grade software to change how shared space is sold, accessed and serviced.
  • Late Meeting Costing Executives 5 1/2 Days Annually
    A recent survey conducted by LogMeIn, Inc., and Ovum has revealed the growth in the number of meetings taking place and the effect it is having on everyone in the organization.
  • Citrix's Future Workplace
    Today, workplaces are about flexibility and convenience as people prefer to work from the place they want using a device of their choice. This flexibility is one of the three findings that Citrix believes will change the future of workplaces.
  • eFax Announces 'Going Green' Campaign Results
    Companies the world over are going green to save the environment, and now research is providing a look at its unexpected benefits. eFax, a leading online fax company, recently posted the results of its 2014 "Going Green" campaign in which it solicited its customers' views on how implementing green policies helped their businesses.
  • Collaboration Tools: Making Remote Workers Even Better
    While there were many for a long time that believed that telecommuting could never really take off, the naysayers appear to have lost out, as the telecommuting-now more commonly referred to as "remote working"--field is making some big strides. While it's had its share of setbacks, particularly at places like Yahoo, remote working is still a major part of the field, and new information released from around this shows not only how powerful remote workers can be today, but also what happens when said workers get the right collaboration tools involved.
  • Elo Touch Solutions Announces Elo @ The Office
    Elo Touch Solutions, a global provider of touch screen components, monitors, and all-in-one computers, announced recently its new Elo @ The Office unified communications (UC) application. Users may have previously seen Elo touch screens used as kiosks at various businesses or restaurants, but now Elo is specifically targeting businesses and hopes to improve guest interaction within office lobbies and improve employee collaboration during office meetings of all sorts.
  • HeyWire Business Unveils the Self-Serve App: Business Messenger
    HeyWire Business, the major enterprise mobile messaging company, recently introduced the Business Messenger, the only self-serve app that successfully meets the messaging needs of today's business professionals.
  • Cisco Powered by Android?
    Cisco, an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment, has launched video conferencing systems powered by Android said to offer enterprises an affordable way to give employees the ability to make high-quality video calls.
  • Gallup: Staying Connected After Hours Means Higher Stress
    Keeping connected to the office outside of normal working hours has been seen as something of a double-edged sword. While there are many who point to it as a cause of higher stress, there are also many who sing the praises of being able to work at abnormal hours so as to fit in other parts of life that can often be only accomplished during business hours, from keeping an appointment to meeting a repairman at home. But a new study from Gallup suggests that those who keep up with the job after work may indeed be hit by higher stress than those who don't.
  • Employees Happy to Check Back in with Work, Study Finds
    Not that those who spend less time working outside of normal business hours take a dim view to workout outside of the office, either. Both groups generally think the ability to work outside of the office via mobile devices is a positive trend, according to the Gallup poll; roughly 79 percent of the full-time workers who were employed by an employer said that they were at least somewhat upbeat about using mobile devices to stay connected to work after normal business hours.
  • Grandstream and Digium's Gigabit VoIP Phones are Now Available from VoIP Supply
    VoIP Supply has a vast collection of Gigabit VoIP phones for home offices, small and medium sized businesses, and large scale enterprise applications. Recently, the new gigabit VoIP phones from Grandstream and Digium have now joined this wide selection of VoIP Supply.
  • Fonality Wins Unified Communications Excellence Award
    Fonality, a provider of business phone systems and integrated communications solutions, was recently named the winner of TMC's 2013 Unified Communications Excellence Award presented by INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine. The company also announced that it plans to provide eAgent integration and paper fax machine support for the solution.
  • Building a Sound Menu for the Virtual Office IVR
    Employing a live person to answer your phones is a nice touch, but does it help drive revenue or simply add more cost to your bottom line? If your call volume exceeds that of the average business environment, it's likely that one person wouldn't be able to keep pace and callers would experience the opposite of what you intended.
  • DSP Group's DVF99 VoIP Platform Now Interoperable with Grandstream's IP Phones
    DSP Group, a provider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications, recently announced that its DVF99 VoIP Platform has been selected by Grandstream, a manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and video surveillance solutions, for integration with its new IP phone models, namely the GXP2140 and GXP2160. The Grandstream IP phones will now be powered by DSP Group's DVF99 dual-ARM processor, delivering HD-quality voice, high-quality acoustics, support for as many as six phone lines, Bluetooth connectivity, PoE and Gigabit Ethernet.
  • PGi Survey Confirms Telecommuting Benefits for Knowledge Workers and Their Employers
    Telecommuting and remote working is known to have a host of benefits for both employees and their employers alike. With the number of mobile devices rising drastically and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement gaining considerable traction over the past few years, telecommuting is serious business and organizations are implementing a variety of technologies and policies to harness the productivity gains and cost efficiencies it can offer.
  • WD Debuts 2-Bay 'Prosumer' Personal Cloud Storage System
    WD , a Western Digital company, has unveiled My Cloud EX2, a high-performance two-bay network attached storage (NAS) system that belongs to company's "prosumer" personal cloud solutions category, designed for professionals that need to reliably save, share, back up, stream and manage large amounts of digital data.
  • Call Forwarding Can Drive Sales
    With the Internet connecting consumers with companies all over the world, it is now harder than ever to have a truly differentiated product or service. What is winning and keeping customers today is a good customer experience, one that is both efficient and creates positive associations with the customer.
  • Telecommuting is Here to Stay
    An interesting article put out earlier this month by The Atlantic argues that telecommuting not only is going up, but that it is inevitable due to the increasingly complex nature of our work lives. It isn't so much that people are working from home to save on a commute or live in the country, it is that telecommuting helps high-performing workers perform better and more consistently.
  • AudioCodes Launches Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Solution
    With the rapid proliferation of smartphones, today's enterprise worker is becoming more and more mobile. This trend is compelling companies to embrace mobility across the enterprise in order to cater to the needs of employees' personal and professional lives. Organizations are thus looking to bring your own device (BYOD) and virtual office technologies to help them generate additional gains in productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Attracting Top Talent with Virtual Office Technology
    Virtual office technology has opened many doors in regards to mobile productivity and remote working. A virtualized business is located nowhere and everywhere at the same time, reaching a wider customer base without having to invest in physical infrastructure.
  • Zula Joins Frost & Sullivan's Global Growth, Innovation and Leadership Community
    Zula, a unified communications and collaboration mobile platform, has been accepted into Frost & Sullivan's Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Community and Global Congress.
  • Venn Conferencing Looks to Make It Safer, Easier to Hold Virtual Meetings
    Believe it or not, both online video conferencing and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) teleconferencing can be potentially hazardous to the companies that use them. If no care is taken, sensitive information can be intercepted by eavesdroppers. Venn Conferencing, however, may have just the way to make online intrusion much less of a problem when it comes to voice and video conferencing.
  • Myths of the Virtual Office
    We all want to be the remote worker, taking advantage of no commute, working in our pajamas and fitting in tasks between PTA and soccer games. Virtual office technology can make it a reality, but is it as beneficial for the organization as it is for the employee? A look at a few of the myths associated with the remote worker can help you develop a better opinion.
  • How VoIP Enables the Virtual Office
    Parts of the country are currently being hit with a massive snowstorm, forcing a number of companies and schools to shut down operations. Many of the schools will have to use a planned snow day or make up for the time at the end of the year. For the commercial operation, however, a lost day is never recovered - it's simply lost sales, lost productivity and lost time.
  • a Finalist for Customer Service Department of the Year Stevie Award, the passionate and professional cloud communications company that focuses on small businesses and entrepreneurs, has been named a finalist in the eighth annual Stevie Awards for Customer Service Department of the Year in the telecommunications category. The Stevie Awards are conferred in five programs, which include the prestigious International Business Awards and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.
  •'s Solution Wins INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award, a provider of cloud communications and VoIP phone services, recently announced that it has won TMC's 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award for its Virtual Office solution.
  • The Environmental Impact of Virtual Office Technology
    We often talk about the business benefits of digital communications: reduced operational costs, lower infrastructure expenditures, converged systems integration, mobility, enhanced feature sets, etc. However, we sometimes forget to note the impact such innovation can have on other aspects of society.
  • Tata Communications Introduces Mobile VoIP Platform for Mobile Service Providers
    Tata Communications recently announced the introduction of its mobile VoIP platform. The white label, hosted solution has been designed to enable mobile network operators and retail voice providers to provide advanced converged IP communication services and generate new streams of revenue. Featuring a wide range of capabilities, the mobile VoIP platform aims to support faster release of customized packages, which will help in enhancing brand and revenue value.
  • Ready to Work in Your PJs? VoIP and the Virtual Office Can Make it Happen
    The concept of the virtual office continues to intrigue those who must endure the daily commute to the physical office. The idea of conducting meetings in your sweat pants and starting the morning's activities without actually getting out of bed sound like the right way to get going on a busy day. While it's true that you can leverage this kind of flexibility in such a way, approaching the work day with a bit more structure may be a good idea.
  • Hosted PBX is an Essential Virtual Office Component
    Few recent technology developments have been more useful to the virtual office than the emergence of hosted PBX. One of the largest challenges for the virtual office has been truly taking the office with the worker no matter where they go, with essentials such as fax and phone not making the jump as easily as e-mail and files have done.
  •'s Alon Cohen to Discuss HD Voice Progress at ITEXPO
    When it comes to telephony, perhaps the only thing as important as price is quality. What use is cheap phone service if you can't understand what the other party is saying? Voice over IP (VoIP) has come a long way in this realm, rivaling, if not exceeding the voice quality of traditional analog voice today.
  •'s Mobile Office App Helps Make the Virtual Office a Reality
    Today's business leaders, and quite often their employees, on are constantly on the move. But this isn't to say that they're necessarily traveling for business reasons. Rather, the rise of mobility and feature rich smart devices has allowed them to conduct business from virtually anywhere at any time.
  • everreach Intros New Online Phone Service for SMBs
    Small businesses are always on the search for the right set of tools and platforms, which will ultimately enable them to stay ahead and meet their goals using limited resources.
  • What Can a Virtual Office Do for Your Business?
    Back in the early goings of the new millennium, one of the biggest questions businesses were posed with was "What can Brown do for you?", a reference to UPS and its line of brown trucks that helped get things where said things were needed. But now, a little over a decade later, UPS is still a business force to be reckoned with, but businesses are asking other questions, like, "What can a virtual office do for you?" The answer, as it turns out, is, "Quite a bit, depending on the business in question."
  • Did We Ever Telecommute Before the Cloud?
    Telecommuting and the home office has been around for a long time, and since the Internet burst onto the scene as a popular communications medium in the 1990s, so too has the virtual office. But we're currently in the middle of a profound change in both use and volume of virtual office environments.
  • Is it Time to Hang Up on the Landline?
    We're no longer in an era where we have to stick with one landline carrier. The Internet has brought us different ways to communicate, ways that are cheaper, more efficient and containing more features that allow us to do more than just talk. Should companies get ready to hang up on their landlines?
  • Timothy McDonald Joins magicJack VocalTec as Chief Operating Officer
    magicJack VocalTec, Ltd, a cloud-based communications company, recently expanded its core management team by appointing industry expert Timothy McDonald as its new chief operating officer.
  • Will HTML5, WebRTC Reshape the Virtual Office?
    The media is buzzing, or at least trying to create buzz, around HTML5 being the next wave for telephony communications. Browsing through tech journals would lead one to believe that HTML5 is the new standard that's paving the way for video and audio communications, and to a degree, it's true. But, it's not 100 percent there just yet.
  • SIS Group Launches New Custom Virtual Insurance Office
    SIS Group, a Houston-based insurance agency, has announced the launch of its new website and interactive digital marketing campaign designed to more effectively engage customers in the region. Looking to offer specialized insurance options to a larger pool of clients, the group's new and improved way marketing initiative aims to provide greater accessibility to its customers.
  • Snags Patent for Cost-Saving SMS Conferencing Innovation, a company that provides cloud-based phone, fax and SMS services for small businesses and entrepreneurs, has just won a patent for its SMS conferencing methodology. The patent, entitled "Method and Apparatus for Conferencing of Text Messages," gives conference operators permanent, direct room dial-in numbers or SMS chat rooms.
  • Evolve IP Acquires Paragrid
    Evolve IP, a provider of cloud communication services, announced that it has acquired cloud computing company Paragrid. Paragrid is a Cleveland-based virtualization company that provides shared and private cloud computing services to government, education, healthcare and corporate clients. Paragrid's cloud services include server hosting, disaster recovery solutions, virtual desktops, and hosted private cloud solutions.
  • Have a Browser? Welcome to Your Virtual Office
    Setting up an office once meant finding a location, negotiating rent, securing a phone system, picking out office furniture, installing the right IT system and signing a lease. It was quite a lot to do before the business owner could bring in a single dollar of revenue. Moreover, the official business location was essential, however, if the business owner wanted to be respected as a competitor in the desired field.
  • Unified Office Appoints Daniel E. Smith, Jr. as New Director
    Unified Office Inc., a New Hampshire-based managed services provider offering virtual office solutions, announced that that Daniel E. Smith, Jr., former co-founder, president and chief executive officer of Sycamore Networks, has joined its board of directors.
  • Why Every Company Should Have a Virtual Office
    Do you have a virtual office? Could you set one up quickly if you needed to? While it sounds a bit futuristic, it's a reality for many companies that don't wish to lose work time, or leave customers hanging, should there be a power outage, weather disaster or simply an overload of phone calls and e-mails.
  • When Home Becomes the Office
    There number of digital workers is steadily increasing as technology continues to grow more efficient and easier to adapt for home offices. Statistics from down under reveal that 5.6 million adult Australians aged 18 years and over were "digital workers" in May 2013, using the internet to work away from the office. However, it's not just in Australia that we're seeing more and more people convert their living space into home offices.
  • Mobile Office Now Keeping iPhone Users' Personal, Professional Lives Separate
    Cloud-based phone company may have been fairly candid about its latest ventures at ITEXPO Las Vegas 2013 back in August, but it had nary a peep to share about its brand new iOS app, Mobile Office. Built for the BYOD (bring your own device) era, the app offers business iPhone users greater control over their personal and business communications.
  • Virtual Office Technology Can Benefit Healthcare, Too
    Communications technology is changing how healthcare is done, and it is improving patient interactions on opposite ends of the spectrum. One the one hand, the same virtual office technology increasingly used by businesses is also enabling healthcare workers to go into the field for a resurgence of home visits. On the other end of the spectrum, it also is allowing patients to see doctors remotely for basic consultations.
  • InterCall Integrates Audio Conferencing with Blue Jeans Network Video
    InterCall, a provider of conferencing and collaboration services, announced integration of Blue Jeans Network video with InterCall Reservationless-Plus audio conferencing, enabling organizations to deliver a collaboration platform that makes anywhere anytime meeting possible from any device.
  • Best Business VoIP Features to Save Money
    Business VoIP phones are cheaper than traditional PBX systems. Since VoIP technology uses Internet Protocol for transmission of voice signals, the service is able to make international calls inexpensively. Moreover, the latest advancements in VoIP allow businesses to enjoy additional advanced features, such as virtual PBX technology, virtual office capabilities, call routing, automatic call distribution (ACD), predictive dialing, a virtual receptionist and more. TheDigest, a provider of information on VoIP equipment and services, has released a list expanding on some of these features available on the market today.
  • Can You be Successful in a Virtual Office?
    The traditional office is quickly going the way of the VCR. Yes, some organizations find it necessary for all employees to come to the same location at the same time each day to complete their work. Innovative organizations, however, are finding that allowing professionals to work where they are most productive or in the field where the customer needs them most is more efficient than the traditional office. For these reasons, more organizations are turning to the virtual office.
  • Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Releases Version 2.0 of Live Web Chat
    With the huge uptake of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) across the world, concepts like the virtual office are gaining in popularity. The advantage of such services is that it lets businesses "do more with less."
  • Run an Effectual, Competent Virtual Office
    The virtual office does more than just cut costs. It's no secret that moving towards a virtual working space means a faster response in a demanding business environment, making office virtualization a boon for both quality and cost savings.
  • ZCorum to Integrate GLDS's SPG Voice Gateway for VoIP Provisioning
    Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS), a provider of billing and subscriber management platforms for communications providers, has announced a partnership with ZCorum to integrate GLDS' SPG Voice Gateway with ZCorum's account management system for VoIP provisioning.
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Who in the Organization can Call Recording Help?

"I like that my pet sitters can call a client from the business number through their mobile phones."
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"We don't have a physical office. makes it easy for our company to have one number no matter where in the world we happen to be."
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Who in the Organization can Call Recording Help?

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