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Entefy Secures Funding for Universal Communicator

August 30, 2017
By Mandi Nowitz - Web Editor

Entefy has accrued 31 patents since January of 2017 for various ideas that they have, especially in regards to the AI world. Their main mission is to use AI on every level of via one app on absolutely any device that one would have; it now becomes an all-inclusive venture and could change the game for the better. On August 24, Entefy announced that they had secured Series A with eight million dollars in capital at $150 million valuation. To date, Entefy Inc.’s total venture funding is at approximately $17.7 million dollars.

Entify’s goal is what it calls a “universal communicator” – a smart platform that seamlessly combines all your communications in a single application to eliminate wasted time switching between applications and services.  Think of a unified email inbox and extend that to all your interactive applications – anything that includes messaging or other forms of communication.  With a growing number of communications apps being used regularly, it could truly present a virtual office in a single app.

“The universal communicator is not just another point solution for communication, but an entire ecosystem of utility – an all-in-one platform that solves app-overload, inbox-overload, notification-overload, account-overload—even the ‘I-can’t-find-it-because-I-don’t-know-where-it-is-and-search-isn’t-helping-me’ problem.”

Alston Ghafourifar, Entefy CEO and Co-Founder, had this to say about the securing of Series A: "Closing our Series A is a significant milestone for the company, adding to Entefy's already strong momentum in innovation, product development, and hiring. We've created an advanced artificial intelligence platform that brings communication, search, and security to a new level.” The 31 patents that Entefy is hoping will pass include security, cyber privacy, encrypted search, all related to AI (Artificial Intelligence) in some capacity.

"Internally, we've been using the core technology and expect private beta deployments. It's an exciting time for our team and the AI industry as a whole,” added Ghafourifar. Along with Series A, if all goes as planned with the patents, AI will most definitely define Entefy as a whole and allow them in to a marketplace that needs the safety and “one stop shopping,” so to speak.

Edited by Erik Linask

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