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VictorOps Turns to Twilio

August 16, 2017
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

The developer sandbox is chock full of innovation; powered by the cloud, this new era of development is pushing communications to new functionality and features. From real-time communications and WebRTC to optimized call routing, callbacks and then some, telephony is at an interesting point in time. A time to pay attention.

Take Twilio (News - Alert), for instance. The cloud-based unicorn is a leader in the space, aiding in the enablement of the communications evolution taking place. This week, VictorOps announced that it successfully implemented Twilio’s Live Call Routing. This new feature for critical incident management is built leveraging Twilio Functions – a serverless environment specifically designed for running and developing communications applications.

Powered by the Twilio Platform, the Twilio Functions service creates an easy to use, developer friendly environment to cut on cost and time when developing new communications applications.

“VictorOps has been waiting for Twilio Functions to launch, and we’re thrilled to debut Live Call Routing as part of this program,” says Joni Klippert, VP of Product at VictorOps. “This implementation provides the most flexible and customizable version of Live Call Routing in the market. Leveraging Twilio Functions allowed us to very quickly bring a new feature to market, with limited developer time and at the lowest cost possible to our customers.”

Minimal developer effort is required in implementing LIVE Call Routing, as they send Twilio Node.js code for managing communication events, and Twilio executes the requested function in seamless fashion.

“The developers and businesses building cloud communications apps should be focusing on the customer experience, not managing servers,” said Patrick Malatack, Twilio VP of Product. “We designed Twilio Functions to handle all the necessary compute resources a developer needs in order to focus on innovating, iterating, and shipping new applications faster than ever before.”

The modern developer is a kid in the candy store. Eyes wide, with a selection fit for a king. Twilio tends to do a good job of keeping the shelves stocked. In this time of cloud communications, options are only limited by the imagination.

Edited by Alicia Young

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