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Splicecom Move Expedites Partner Onboarding

August 07, 2017
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

Splicecom is a business voice solution provider out of Britain. It has cloud, premises-based, and hybrid offerings. And it relies on channel partners to bring its solutions to market.

Recently the company rolled out a new offering called SelectVoice 1000. And, to complement that, Splicecom also did a refresh of its partner accreditation program.

SelectVoice provides a range of fixed and mobile voice functionality. It’s controlled via an intuitive web portal. And it can scale to support two to thousands of users.

“We have a very simple per user licen[s]e model that remains the same, totally independent to how SelectVoice is deployed or paid for,” says Stuart Bell, Splicecom’s head of sales for the U.K. and Ireland. “One price for an outright purchase and one for pay monthly. This makes it incredibly easy to price at the point of sale for cloud, on premise[s] or blended requirements. Basically take the number of users and multiply by the licen[s]e price, plus the cost of the phones – it’s really that simple.”

Simplicity is also the goal of the partner accreditation program realignment, Splicecom says. What the company has done is reduced the training required for accreditation. That way, it explains, the process of partner onboarding is expedited.

Everybody in it is trained to address the requirements of small and medium businesses. But those that need enterprise know-how can go on to take the Advanced SelectVoice course. And those that want to specialize in a particular area have the option of doing that.

“Splicecom now offers four levels of accreditation, rewarding their channel partners for technical and sales competencies as well as sales levels. There are also a further three levels for those specializing in cloud delivery and providing their own data center infrastructure. In addition, the accreditation also recognizes those wishing to specialize in the areas of Training and Support, insuring that third-party organizations are also recognized at the appropriate level.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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