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Unify OpenScape Desk Phone CP Family Now Compatible with BroadSoft

March 24, 2017
By Alicia Young - Web Editor

One of the most difficult decisions a business has to make is in regard to which business phone system it wants to implement in the office. This may sound like an over exaggeration, but hear me out. First impressions matter, and a lot of the time, a customer’s first impression of a business is through a phone call. Whether the company reached out to the customer via phone, or they called the company with questions, the fact remains that the phone was the first point of interaction. If the call quality was poor, then the customer is going to have a bad perception of the company as a whole, because it clearly didn’t care enough to invest in good telephony.

Although there are plenty of good new phones being released all the time, businesses run into problems implementing them because they don’t always work with the telephony platform currently in place. Luckily, that’s why more and more companies are putting their solutions through interoperability testing so that their phones can be used by more companies.

Recently, Unify (News - Alert), the Atos brand for communications software and services, announced that it has decided to go this route as well by having its OpenScape Desk Phone CP family undergo compatibility testing with the BroadSoft (News - Alert) Business Broadworks call control platform. The BroadSoft platform is one of the more popular options out there and, thanks to the new interoperability, customers can now leverage Unify’s OpenScape Desk Phone (News - Alert) CP models CP200, CP400, and CP600, even if they are not currently using a Unify telephony platform.

This new interoperability is going to make a lot of customers happy, as Unify’s phones are good quality. The OpenScape Desk Phone CP family includes a range of phones that are known for their voice quality, energy efficiency, security and availability. The phones are also designed to improve productivity—the layout of the phone’s features and the numerous interoperability options make it easy for employees to understand and operate.

Luiz Domingos, Head of Product House, Unify, is excited to bring Unify’s products to even more companies now that they are certified to work with BroadSoft: “The OpenScape Desk Phone CP family is recognized for offering superior desktop phone capabilities, with its intuitive design and ease of management, and there are many customers interested in leveraging the phones within their mixed-vendor communications environment…Completing this testing provides assurance to those customers using BroadWorks that their Unify phones will perform exceptionally, helping to improve communication and increase user productivity.” 

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