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CyberData Releases IP Video Intercom for Virtual Offices

March 23, 2017
By Alicia Young - Web Editor

As the mobile workforce grows in popularity, so too do virtual offices. More and more employees are starting to work from home—even if they’re not doing so every single day, a good chunk of people are working remotely at least a few times a week. In order to keep up with the changing workforce, solutions need to adapt as well. That’s why so many companies have been turning to VoIP to improve their technology so that employees can have an easier time when working remotely.

CyberData (News - Alert) Corporation has been riding this change in work environment successfully so far. It first introduced its SIP-enabled Outdoor Intercom a while back, which became incredibly popular. The environmentally-friendly and resistant intercom made it easy for people to work not only from home, but outside. Users of the intercom have been asking CyberData for a video conferencing version of the intercom, and the company has finally answered their requests.

This week, CyberData launched its SIP-enabled Outdoor Video Intercom, which enables video two-way communication. The solution is available in a one-button or keypad version, and both options are said to work well outdoors. This last point is important, as it adds to an employee’s flexibility, which is the whole point of being able to work from home. The new solution enables employees to work outside on a nice day, easily answering video calls. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like it would make me pretty happy, and happy employees are productive employees.

Aside from the obvious settings, the solution can also be integrated seamlessly into a variety of settings such as schools and universities, nursing care facilities, and retail stores. The easy to use conferencing technology could be used in a nursing home, for instance, if an elderly resident is having trouble reading their prescription bottle. They could easily show someone the label via the video intercom and get the help they need. Residents could also reach out to family via video to talk. On the flip side, the solution could be used in universities in a variety of ways. Professors would probably find it helpful for managing their office hours; they wouldn’t have to be on campus to discuss a problem with students.

Most importantly, however, is how secure the solution is. The SIP-enabled Outdoor Video Intercom increases the security of any VoIP installation, which effectively diminishes any concerns employers or employees may have about using the device. Phil Lembo, President and CEO of CyberData, commented on the need for security measures by saying, “We continue to focus on security, which is becoming increasingly important and our energies will be on delivering additional security related products throughout the year.”

When asked what the inspiration for this new device was, Lembo replied that it was created in response to customer demand. However, the company wanted to make sure not to rush into things, making sure that the SIP-enabled Outdoor Video Intercom would be a quality product: “Video quality and performance were driving factors for us during development and we spent an extensive amount of time due to the requests from our customers. Of course there was also internal pressure to maintain our high quality standards but still offer a cost-competitive device. We’re very proud of the result and expect our customers will be very happy,” said Lembo.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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