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CALLR Brings New Value to Virtual Offices

March 02, 2017
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Virtual office operations can have great effects on user morale, allowing workers the freedom to work from just about anywhere while still turning out high-quality work. It can't work, however, without the right communications tools, and recently, Equinix (News - Alert) brought out its newest entrant in the hunt for virtual office market share: the CALLR cloud communications platform.

With CALLR now available in Equinix's Singapore, Paris and New York exchanges, Equinix now has a foothold in the Asian, European, and North American markets. With plans to expand CALLR to Los Angeles as well, further expansion is likely to follow and give Equinix even more of a presence in the virtual office market.

It's easy to note that CALLR will have plenty of competition in this field, but CALLR has a lot to offer for the virtual office user. Boasting a voice and messenger application programming interface (API) that allows for over 220 countries to put the system to work, CALLR can use Equinix's global interconnection platform in a bid to maintain that connectivity and make it suitable from comparatively small operations to major multinational firms.

Moreover, drawing on Equinix's own data centers, CALLR allows users access to not only a physical point of presence (POP) but also a virtual cloud POP in a bid to give customers both near and away from the physical POP equal quality access to the service. CALLR even calls on the work of major cloud service providers like Microsoft (News - Alert) Azure to deliver its services. This allows it to work just as well for mobile and virtual office operations as it does for the standard desktop service.

CALLR's CEO, Taoufik Zagdoud, commented “CALLR has continued to grow rapidly on Equinix's interconnection platform, with Singapore being our most recent addition. Data centers underpin our business and we are confident that Equinix's global footprint of interconnected data centers will provide the proximity to our customers to deliver optimal performance and the ability to rapidly enter new markets to meet future business demand.”

Though indeed, there will be a great many competitors eager to get in on this action, CALLR has a lot going for it, and may well be able to fend off some of the field here. However, it's worth noting that CALLR is a comparative newcomer to a market that's been in play for some time. It's going to have to break inertia to get in, and it's not immediately obvious that CALLR has so much of a competitive edge that it can break established patterns.

An uphill battle, perhaps, but Equinix's CALLR does have quite a bit of support on its side. It may not win this fight, but it will make it clear it's been there. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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