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GMC Software Adds SparkPost to Virtual Office Efforts

February 02, 2017
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

As mobile workforce operations become a larger part of the market as we know it, we understand all the more the need to have rapid, secure communications among all the various elements of that workforce. Virtual offices everywhere get a boost from systems like SparkPost, and recently, GMC Software took advantage of SparkPost's offerings to augment its own systems.

GMC Software turned to SparkPost thanks to its scalability, vital for a virtual office operation, as it allows for easy additions and removal of users to reflect the turnover rate a business might encounter. Its performance also factored into the decision as it seldom encounters problems, and when it does, SparkPost offers the best in customer support from technical account managers who are not only specifically named but dedicated to specific accounts.

Since GMC Software is focused on customer communications management, it needs the best it can get to handle its own internal communications as well. SparkPost delivers on that front as well, offering real-time analytics functions. GMC Software is set to incorporate SparkPost directly into its own Inspire Messenger platform, using SparkPost's application programming interface (API) to handle the job.

Zbynek Hodic, GMC Software's chief technology officer, elaborated "As a leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM (News - Alert)), we prefer to work with groundbreaking and market-leading technology providers – like SparkPost -- to deliver the best-of-breed solutions for our customers and to ensure we maintain a competitive advantage. Partnering with SparkPost allows us to reap numerous benefits, including ongoing technical expertise, cutting-edge and reliable technology built in the cloud and the highest inbox placement rate for our customers' critically important emails.”

The wide-scale use of virtual office systems depends heavily on the proper communications systems to keep users better connected and working together toward the same ends. Without that communication, the concept falls apart and loses much of its value. Not only is GMC Software showing the value of that communication to drive its own operations, but SparkPost is proving why it's one of the leaders in the field in its own right. After all, we're talking about an API-driven system that can be readily incorporated into currently-existing operations, and that level of flexibility is valuable on its own.

Virtual offices are a great thing to have; these augment employee morale, improve flexibility, and even offer new opportunity for pursuing business outside of time zones. The best in communications make these particularly worthwhile, and GMC Software found that value from SparkPost.

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