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HD Voices Enhances the User Experience

December 30, 2016
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Virtual Office Resource Contributor

Today, the convenience of modern telephony – mobile phones and voice over IP – has often resulted in compromise over the quality of the phone call. While providers of these services have been more than able to compete with traditional telephony on price, quality has often lagged. For this reason companies are beginning to pay more attention to high-definition (HD) voice, which extends the frequency range of sound carried by a telephone call, resulting in better quality.

In a recent podcast, TMC spoke with Alon Cohen, chief technology officer for hosted IP-PBX provider (News - Alert). Cohen noted that many companies today have a number of employees working from home. At the same time, efficient communications and collaboration are becoming more important to the modern workforce.

“By using HD voice, people can get the same feeling as if they’re in the same room. The communication is much better, faster and easier,” said Cohen. “People just collaborate better, and businesses see the benefits on the bottom line. Also, people tend to communicate more when it’s easier.”

HD voice conferencing makes collaborative working across geographic locations much clearer and easier. Sound quality improvement eliminates the need to shout across phone lines or repeat critical information. In a customer support setting, for example, this can help with call and support quality, helping employees resolve issues faster.

Recently, small businesses have been able to benefit from the release of hosted high-definition business phone service from and other vendors. In many cases, there are no extra costs involved.

“All you need, basically, is an HD phone that we provide, and that’s it,” said Cohen. “Even when you talk to people who do not use HD phones..they would notice the difference, because the phone itself is different. The quality is different. The microphone and speaker are better.”

Vendors such as are experience a constant growth of users and minutes as more small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are looking for better call quality. The result is that the voice over IP (VoIP) market has been invigorated with new technology that will allow business VoIP to compete with standard telephony not only on price, but also on merit, keeping the voice quality from end to end.

Today, HD voice providers can offer business clients not only the same, but better quality, and with lower costs, making business VoIP a more compelling prospect than ever. With HD voice companies working at the back end for better peering, interconnectedness will help HD voice become the most compelling prospect of all.  

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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