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Mobile Workforce Gets More From Inkling

December 19, 2016
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

The idea that work is a thing that we do, rather than a place that we go to do that thing, is catching on all over, and the mobile workforce is an ever-increasing beneficiary of that philosophy. Inkling—a figure known in mobile communications geared toward “deskless workers”—is gaining still more ground following a successful funding push that netted the company $25 million more.

The most recent funding round, a Series E round, brought the company's total funding raised to date to a hefty $95 million. Several firms joined in the investment round, ranging from Sequoia Capital (News - Alert) to Tenaya Capital to the round's leader, Sapphire Ventures, who supplied its own CEO Nino Marakovic to Inkling's board of directors.

With the new funding in hand, reports note that Inkling will step up both product development and overall sales operations, allowing Inkling to not only take a better product to a wider market, but open up access to that wider market as well.

It's not just the mobile workforce that can benefit from a program like Inkling; consider those who don't work at desks at all like field service personnel or retail / food service workers. Giving these users access to remote worker tools can be useful, especially when it comes to points of employee engagement or compliance. Inkling, for example, has supplied such material to a range of firms, including insurance and pharmaceutical operations.

Inkling's CEO, Matt MacInnis, commented, “Mobile devices are finally poised to change the work lives of tens of millions of deskless employees, so the opportunity is massive. We are excited to scale our business alongside Nino and the entire Sapphire Ventures team, a team that has deep enterprise software experience, a differentiated business development platform, and a track record of working with growth-stage companies.”

The best part about Inkling's line of offerings is the sheer diversity of capability. It's prepared to handle those workers who don't have a desk like retail and field service, but it's just as prepared to offer support to the mobile workforce. Given that 75 percent of workers today don't have any kind of desk or computer at all—which makes me wonder how big the mobile workforce really is since there's likely a lot of overlap—there's a very big market for Inkling to push into.

With a major market afoot that needs products like Inkling's, and Inkling having plenty of resources to push into that market, it's a safe bet that Inkling will end up a positive value for deskless workers—mobile workforce or otherwise—everywhere. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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