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December 13, 2016
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

The virtual office cannot run without proper communications tools. That's just a given; when employees are working outside the office, it's necessary to have the right tools in place to keep them connected and on-task. (News - Alert), already known for its communications tools, is stepping in to make the virtual office run just a little smoother thanks to a new iPhone app that should deliver a lot of that mobile connectivity that virtual offices all but require.

The new app, known as Mobile Office, offers a variety of features that can not only make communications one-app simple, but also can customize communications such that only what's needed is on hand. Starting with a customizable caller ID and calling method—your choice whether to use Wi-Fi only or mobile minutes—users can work up from there to get visual voicemail that's readable instead of spoken. Throw in the ability to send and receive calls and text messages from a separate number—great for those looking for a better work / life balance in the virtual office—and the ability to send and receive faxes as well as set up conferencing systems with just one click, and it's a nearly-complete omnichannel experience in one handy app.

Those more concerned about control will be happy to note there are several relevant systems included, including call screening options, call handling rules, editing of outgoing caller ID displays, and even Do Not Disturb settings. Included standard is access to award-winning customer support, so when something goes wrong in the virtual office, support from some end isn't far away. Future versions will even allow access to emojis and notification options, reports note.

When people work remotely, that opens up a lot of new opportunities to pursue projects outside of normal business hours and allows employees better access to work / life balance. Anyone who's ever tried to get a dentist appointment for after five knows how that goes. All these necessary things employees are supposed to do on “their own time” just don't fit, but a virtual office can make that fit better. That improves engagement, because employees are no longer frantically watching a clock to get to the next must-do on the list. Yet we can't have virtual offices without the right communications tools to keep everyone productive, and that's where tools like's come in.

A better, more functional virtual office is the order of the day, and is helping make that happen. That's great news for everyone who wants to work remotely, and those who want to see the most return from remote workers.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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