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Ozonetel Taps Cloud, Driving Virtual Office

December 09, 2016
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

With virtual offices being an ever-increasing part of the landscape, the technology to drive these developments is ever more necessary. Cloud-based communications are a great way to power both virtual offices and a mobile workforce that uses these, and Ozonetel has been working to produce changes in the cloud-based telecom field for some time now.

Its efforts go all the way back to 2007, when the company started, and the development of the Kookoo cloud telephony platform in 2010. Customers followed fairly rapidly after that, and the company started increasing development operations and putting more focus on sales.  Subsequent developments in technology gave the sales team more to work with, and success began to follow.

It wasn't long, in fact, before the company developed a complete cloud-based contact center using the currently-established applications programming interfaces (APIs), and developed a complete plug-and-play solution that could be used without large-scale investment. Calls could be traced in real-time and reports could be generated directly online without needing to draw those reports from individuals. That made it a huge new addition to the virtual office concept.

Ozonetel has continued from there, of course, delivering new value into the market. Reports note that Ozonetel is the first company in the region to yield not only a complete cloud telephony program, but one that offers coverage of fully 18 different telecom circles. The system can be scaled up to operate for groups from five to 1,000 agents strong, and the combined cloud and physical hybrid approach represents still more flexibility for Ozonetel users.

All of these points added together suggests an excellent proposition. Ozonetel has come up from a basic start-up to a fully-featured mechanism that's offering tools and opportunities that no one else in the region can boast of. That's great news for its potential customer base, and even better for Ozonetel itself. It's established itself as a competition-beater from the early going, and now has had the opportunity to ingrain itself sufficiently in the customer base that it can take full advantage of inertia to keep going. As long as it doesn't let the technology side lag any and allow other companies the opportunity to step in and deliver value Ozonetel won't, it should be a safe bet that Ozonetel can continue to be a dominant force in the field for years to come.

It's clear that Ozonetel has done a lot of great work in cloud communications and virtual office, but it's going to have to keep the flow of innovation coming to stay on top. Thankfully, all signs suggest it's doing just that.

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