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The Importance of Team Building in the Virtual Office

November 28, 2016
By Laura Stotler - Virtual Office Resource Contributing Editor

The virtual office is on the rise, with one quarter of all employees working remotely in at least some capacity. That number is set to jump to three-quarters by 2020, creating massive efficiencies and benefits but also challenges for businesses, particularly when it comes to fostering team building and camaraderie.

According to a recent article from (News - Alert), a company that specializes in virtual phone services and solutions for businesses, one of the biggest challenges for businesses with remote workers is getting in enough team-building time. With no water cooler to gravitate toward, organizations need to offer alternative ways to gather workers socially and foster team spirit.

One of the best ways to foster team building for a virtual office is through social media. Facebook (News - Alert) now offers its Workplace platform, designed to facilitate socialization in a working environment. Regular Facebook groups and other social media channels can also work to promote collaboration and social dialogue among team members.

Video meetings are another great way to build up the team. Face-to-face time is irreplaceable, and videoconferencing offers the next best thing to real-life meetings. Regular video meetings also provide a social outlet for team members, who can chat before and after work-related discussions and get to know each other better.

Even the virtual office needs real-time interaction for successful team building, and scheduling social activities is a great way to achieve this. A group movie night, bowling or another fun event can provide an outlet to let team members interact and become more familiar with each other in a casual, low-stress environment. Group luncheons or dinners or even coffee meet ups are another great way to get team members together in a casual, face-to-face environment.

As the virtual and remote workplace becomes an increasingly popular choice for businesses and their workers, team building is playing a larger and necessary role. Organizations can foster teamwork with a little planning and effort, while simultaneously providing a social outlet for employees to get to know each other better.

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