Virtual Office Featured Article Bolsters its Premium Features with Video Conferencing

November 17, 2016
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

A virtual office—indeed, the entire mobile workforce concept—doesn't run without the right communications tools. While those may vary from one virtual office to another, the plain and simple is that, without those communications tools, the entire idea fails, and fails catastrophically. (News - Alert), meanwhile, recently upgraded its own slate of tools by adding new options to the premium feature lineup. now offers support for videoconferencing, with support for as many as 25 participants at once, and up to 200 users who connect by audio alone by phone. Backed by a layout many consider “intuitive,” the system should be as easy to use as it is useful, making it more likely to be used, as well as useful in more situations overall. The videoconferencing system works not only on PCs by using Chrome and Firefox browsers, but it also works via the mobile app. Android (News - Alert) users, meanwhile, can get in through the Chrome browser contained on those devices.

Videoconferencing is rolled out alongside the standard conference calling the system already offers, so users will have a choice of whether to go with straight voice or with video, a point that can be quite helpful in certain operations.

Ari Rabban (News - Alert),'s CEO, commented, “We are in a continual process of improving the service we offer to our customers. We’ve upgraded our network, our website and features to provide even better service. With Videoconferencing now live, our customers have the best and most flexible options to conduct their business remotely.”

Without those communications tools, the entire mobile office concept falls apart. That's good news for the companies that offer the tools, and as these tools improve, it's also better news for those who use them. A videoconference isn't always necessary, but it can be a great way to deliver that face-to-face touch that means a little something extra over a phone call. It certainly beats business travel; though there's something extra about that physical presence too, it can often be supplanted by a videoconference. Offering that improves the chance that users will turn to, and may even upgrade from the basic roster to the premium slate, which means extra profitability for

It's one of the best business outcomes around; improves its chances for profitability and users get access to powerful new features. It may not work quite that well in the end, but it's certainly the right path to success.

Edited by Alicia Young

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