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Ottawa Senators Drive New Blue Line Rush with Mitel Tools

November 14, 2016
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Hockey fans everywhere know that the game is full of explosive, high-speed action as their favorite stars slide gracefully along the ice and occasionally slam into each other at high speeds before punching. The action is no less explosive and high-speed in the back offices and other facilities that help make the games happen, and the Ottawa Senators have sharpened their metaphorical skates with a little help from Mitel (News - Alert).

With the new season already in progress, the Senators' support staff and similar operations are in full swing getting things ready and making things happen, and this requires plenty of connectivity between various groups. No one wants to discover that they're working on the wrong thing, or the right thing at the wrong time, or even the right thing...that someone else is already doing. So keeping everybody mutually in touch and pulling in the right direction is especially worthwhile, and a point where Mitel can help out in grand fashion.

Mitel is bringing in not only its communications tools, but also its MiCollab system, which allows not only for readier communications, but the ability to exchange files and the like in a fashion that lets the true value of collaborative effort come forward. It even allows for new service options for important patrons or season-ticket holders, even providing connectivity for retail operations located within the venue like concessions vendors.

Ottawa Senators president Cyril Leeder commented “The system we had been using was limited in terms of functionality. Mitel’s solution, provides us a platform that delivers voice, unified messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing and other capabilities that perfectly fit our diverse business needs.”

Given that several other sports teams and related organizations, like the San Diego Padres and Michael Johnson (News - Alert) Performance, had been seen using Mitel material to help drive operations, it's reasonable enough to see why the Ottawa Senators would likewise turn to Mitel for better communications. With people needing to be all over to arrange deliveries, manage maintenance operations, and perform dozens of other tasks, having a communications system that's easy to use, works on several devices and allows for the best sharing of information and collaborative possibilities is vital to ongoing success.

The amount of success Mitel has already generated in the field makes it worth considering on other fronts, and it's entirely possible that Mitel could find other sports teams interested thanks to the sheer success it's already seen as a sports communications tool. Regardless of what market finds it most useful, it should be a welcome addition to any team's lineup, sports or otherwise. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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