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Viking Electronics Brings VoIP to Residential Entry Control

November 02, 2016
By Casey Houser - Contributing Writer

Viking Electronics, a manufacturer of voice-over-IP (VoIP) hardware, has released its latest unit for entry into residential buildings.

Seen in the image Viking provides here the K-1200-IP operates as a phone, a directory of users (in this situation, tenants), and relay controller. For owners of buildings and their tenants, it can store as many as 1,000 entry codes and can activate door locks and lights when users correctly enter such codes.

Greg Yokom, an engineer at Viking, commented that his team’s goal was to develop a product that is both simple to use and functional.

“We took a complicated, multi-function entry system and designed it into one simple compact unit that is easy to program and use – the K-1200-IP,” Yokom said.

Recent features at Phone (News - Alert).com have pointed to the proliferation of VoIP hardware that goes outside the typical office structure. Although many people still consider VoIP a structure of communication that works for office desk phones and users’ mobile phones, it has clearly moved into new territory with the Viking product listed above and in products from companies such as Spectrio, which have used VoIP as the base for an auto attendant and IVR.

Likewise, LiftMaster (News - Alert) has begun using VoIP to assist its newest electric gate and door lift hardware. This type of integration of communications systems and home or business hardware allows users to gain entry to such properties and also to keep an eye of those properties when they are away. Smartphone apps, in LiftMaster’s case, give users control of doors and a peek into attached security cameras through live video feeds.

Viking is setting itself apart from the pack by leading the march outside the office. It has also made its K-1200-IP and other products resistant to vandalism and weather because these units are meant to be outside. The mixing of card reader features also helps keep these essential building protections easy to use for all owners and tenants.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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