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Solgari Releases Cloud Communications Updates

October 19, 2016
By Casey Houser - Contributing Writer

Solgari offers its cloud-based communications software to businesses that want to keep all their voice, video, email, and instant messaging in one place. Constant development of the Solgari application has come to a head once again with some recent updates the company announced this week.

The latest updates begin with Connect, a new method of handling inbound communication through a web browser. Customers can call the office or call center through their browsers and participate initially in a voice session, jump instantly into video if necessary, and send instant messages throughout. The Global Voice feature also seeks to provide ease of use by offering voice calling from Mac and Windows desktops as well as within Android (News - Alert) and iOS smartphone environments.

The Contact Center update allows businesses to handle inbound and outbound calls. Managers can appreciate features such as call listening and barging, and agent training can benefit from analytics of the performance of a business’s agents.

Solgari’s new User Application Suite comes with the Callview, Reports, and Analyser tools that allow users to search through archives of recorded and logged calls and texts. Users can listen to voice calls and read transcripts and even search for specific terms and agent of customer may have said during a session.

Solgari Link moves this calling capability into customer relationship management systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft (News - Alert) Dynamics. It also provides an interactive voice response system that can take inbound-calling customers through automated payment processing and post-call surveys. Finally, WebMeeting again calls upon WebRTC to handle company audio- and videoconferences which can both benefit from the screen sharing and report generating capabilities Link provides.

Vance Harris, the chief technology officer at Solgari, indicated that these features can be used as modular units, so customers do not have to clutter their systems with features they will never use.

“The modular design enables businesses to customize exactly what they need, and it means it can be utilized in all industries,” Harris said. “Moreover, with the capability to search for archived calls via a number of options, including user details and keywords, users are able to solve queries effortlessly.”

The base Solgari platform and these updates are now available to all existing and prospective customers. These updates are sure to provide a boost atop the already fruitful new partnerships and deployments for clients Solgari has seen in recent months. Its mission to pack all possible communications tools into a single package pairs well with its allowance of modular design. This has left Solgari with partnerships and client relationships it is proud to show and a communications platform that appears to be expanding in all directions.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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