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Fuze Proves FLSmidth's Business Communications Weapon of Choice

September 22, 2016
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Trying to keep 11,000 employees on the same page cannot be an easy task. Trying to do so when those 11,000 employees are scattered around the planet is an even more daunting proposition. When FLSmidth noted that it needed to accomplish just such a task, it turned to Fuze, where it could get a cloud platform capable of such communications depth, and saw some clear benefits right away.

FLSmidth is an engineering firm, and one of the largest such firms on the planet. It's easy to see how such a firm would have a clear need for the best in communications, and communications that can be operated more simply and with less demand on resources. Fuze's system succeeded on that front in grand style, taking FLSmidth's original system—which included no fewer than 27 separate private branch exchange (PBX (News - Alert)) systems—and put it all into one complete cloud focused on unified communications as a service (UCaaS) systems. That brings together not only the standards of voice and video, but also opens up new options in messaging tools as well as larger-group collaboration processes.

Cost savings were also on tap, as FLSmidth was set to enjoy access to Fuze's new global unmetered calling systems, making international calls effectively free when calling to Fuze endpoints, and unmetered in general for better than 100 different countries. With the Fuze deployment, 90 percent of desk phones can be removed as well, and there's no longer a call to upgrade and maintain legacy systems that are now mostly out of the picture.

This represents one of the biggest reasons that Fuze has been on an upward tear in growth lately: over 150 percent growth in new customer sales, and almost 50 percent of its new business coming from the Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. It added 200 new customers just in 2016 so far, reports note, and its 10 best deals represent a total of $40 million in contract value.

When one product can replace 27 different products, the case for its own value is almost made right in that statement itself. That's an almost staggering degree of simplification, which in turn reduces management costs and makes the entire system easier to work with as a result. Leave aside for a moment the likely huge cost savings the company will enjoy from the free calling to Fuze endpoints, just the reduced management costs would be worth pursuing.

FLSmidth has a lot to like about this new move, and likely so do the large numbers of other companies that have already brought in Fuze to simplify communications and save money. The combination of savings and improved utility now enjoyed is a ringing endorsement for Fuze, and should have other companies looking to simplify and improve profitability with such a package as well. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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