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SawasdeeShop Launches ClouDee Cloud-based Voice Service

August 04, 2016
By Casey Houser - Contributing Writer

The demand for cloud-based voice services in Thailand has spurred the country’s first set of like-minded service providers.

According to local news source Bangkok Post, the international voice services provider SawasdeeShop has created a new cloud voice service for small and midsize businesses in Thailand. The Post reports that this is the first of its kind in the country and that many companies should have the opportunity to benefit from its creation.

SawasdeeShop has launched the new service, called ClouDee, with the ability to offer customers fixed line numbers and the ability to make calls from office and mobile phones. ClouDee works as a sort of subscription-based service that justifies costs through the number of fixed lines businesses wish to use and then the number of users that will be allowed to access the system at once.

This communications system works through a cloud-based private branch exchange, so customers do not need to worry about managing their own PBX (News - Alert) setup or any costs associated with maintenance of such an infrastructure. Interested startups and small businesses may never have had the possibility of owning their own PBXs due to high costs or unwieldy maintenance, so the ClouDee could enter as a possible panacea for what they have always wanted out a communications system.

The Post further reported that ClouDee piggybacks on software and hardware that Knowlarity Communications (a prominent cloud telephony service provider in Asia) has developed. The Knowlarity application allows ClouDee to offer its business users calling without aid from an internet connection. ClouDee also offers a number of premium services in addition to voice calling: customers can record their calls, store their voice records for as many as five years, and take advantage of its interactive voice response system for routing calls to local and remote offices and individual employees.

Small businesses, midsize enterprises, and startups all remain the target for this new launch from SawasdeeShop. These new and established business entities may have already begun to rely on their own PBXs or voice-over-IP systems and have found them unreliable or costly to maintain. ClouDee may act as a suitable replacement for those situations and can offer first-timers the benefit of a cloud-based communications system that is easy to setup and begin using.

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