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Solgari, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration to Bring Reduced Costs, Better Experience

July 12, 2016
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Having access to a customer relationship management (CRM) system can mean a lot of value for businesses who put it to use. It can help keep track of calls already made, it can cut down on the time that a customer spends waiting or just prevent having to repeat information already on hand, and more besides. So when Solgari announced that it was able to integrate with the Microsoft (News - Alert) Dynamics CRM, it was an announcement that should have caught its share of attention from users.

The new integration got a formal unveiling at the recent Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, and was made available to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users immediately. All those interested needed to do was consult a currently-available Solgari partner for more information. With the new integration, sales and marketing operations got a vital new boost, allowing users access to voice and video communications available on a cloud-based platform, or alternately, through Microsoft's Skype (News - Alert) for Business.

Several benefits came with the new system; not only was it now able to offer rapid access to contact center agents—a move that can augment customer experience nicely in the event that something goes wrong with the product or service in question—but it allows for that access across several different channels, including browser-based video, voice and chat functions. That opens up multichannel operations, and may well move a company closer to full omnichannel. Inbound communications can be routed through an interactive voice response (IVR) system, and there's even support for call and video archiving, which is vital for those that need to have communications archived to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Solgari's CEO John Colgan commented “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is at the heart of many successful businesses,” said John Colgan, Solgari CEO. “In this day and age, companies can’t afford to neglect customers or give them a service that is short of perfect in any way. They will just go elsewhere.”

This is an important point to note. A CRM system can mean the difference between a bad or merely mediocre experience and one that encourages a customer to come back at another time for more. Companies these days can't afford to alienate a customer, because there are so many alternatives out there which are ready to provide the goods and services desired. Losing a customer these days means that customer may well be gone for good unless a significant value proposition is brought forth, one that may render a customer unprofitable to service altogether.

Tools like Solgari and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, meanwhile, can mean all the difference, and help companies keep the current range of customers already in the camp. From there, it's just a matter of getting new customers, and this can be comparatively easy: just look for the disgruntled customers of companies that aren't using CRMs to keep customer relationships running.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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