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Evolve IP Reveals Contact Centers are Looking for Better Insight

July 01, 2016
By Frank Griffin - Contributing Writer

Organizations have always appreciated the value of data, but it wasn't until the recent availability of digital technology that more companies were able to use this resource to improve how they do business. For contact centers that receive thousands of calls every day, the amount of information they get can be overwhelming, but it is extremely important to make use of this data if it can be analyzed properly to deliver valuable insight. A new survey conducted by Evolve IP (News - Alert) has revealed contact center leaders are in need of meaningful analytics and integrated solutions to make better use of all the data they collect so it can produce better business value.

The call center industry is undergoing an evolution of sorts because of the technological and demographic shift that is taking place in the world. Today's young generation, are communicating with organizations electronically, which generates massive amounts of data. Older demographics also generate data, although it is not as much because their engagement level is not as high, but the end result is data is being generated all the time.

The blind, web-based survey was conducted by Evolve IP in North America during April, 2016 with 168 participants. The overwhelming consensus from the survey was the need to adopt cloud technology to fully capitalize on the amount of data that is being gathered as well as analyzing it. They want to increase their investment in cloud technologies so they can scale, lower costs, improved productivity, increase business intelligence and ultimately better customer insight.

"Contact centers are rich with data, yet it's often where many stop adding business value. The survey shows a strong desire for contact center leaders to integrate with other systems and to start delivering meaningful business insights," said Scott Kinka (News - Alert), Founding Partner and Chief Technology and Product Officer of Evolve IP.

Some of the key points from the survey were the need for business intelligence investment with customer relationship management (CRM) and customer satisfaction surveys solutions. However, the number of organizations that are willing to make the investment and be our reporting and integration tools only amounted to 13.5 percent of the participants.

When it came to multichannel capabilities the number was much better, with 59 percent stating they now have solutions in place to handle chat, email, fax and social media. Many of the challenges contact centers face regarding data and analytics can be solved with new generation cloud-based call center solutions. And the survey revealed just as much as nearly 8 out of 10 organizations plan to evaluate moving to a new cloud-based call center from legacy on-premises system.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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