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Virtual Hold Technology, Interactive Intelligence Get Together to Improve PureCloud

June 09, 2016
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Interactive Intelligence (News - Alert)'s line of tools for business extends to cover several fields, and recently, it put a little extra fire under its PureCloud platform. It turned to Virtual Hold Technology (News - Alert)'s VHT Cloud callback tool to give PureCloud a few new options, and with that, make it an even more compelling presence in a competitive field.

With VHT Cloud's systems, PureCloud can now boast the ability to estimate a caller's wait time until the next available representative, work with mobile interfaces, and even establish various settings for unusual circumstances like weekends or holidays. PureCloud already boasted the ability to establish callbacks for customers on hold, but with VHT Cloud, clearer reasons can be established for setting up that call.

That's just part of what PureCloud can offer now; originally, it brought in secure, scalable options for contact centers, and offered proven reliability as well. Now, with VHT Cloud, its available options increase and it can all be offered on a cloud-based level, making it easier to bring it in and put it in play. Virtual Hold Technology and Interactive Intelligence have previously been spotted working together, with Interactive Intelligence offering Virtual Hold's lineup of callback systems for its customers. That role, with this move, has expanded.

Virtual Hold Technology CEO Wes Hayden (News - Alert) commented “Why risk lost loyalty and decreased satisfaction by making your customers wait on hold? Regardless of your contact center platform architecture, callback is a viable function that can eliminate one of the most hated aspects of customer service. By providing a seamless integration with PureCloud, we're offering Interactive Intelligence customers an additional option when deploying callback.”

That's an important point; Virtual Hold is offering more options, and though Interactive Intelligence's lineup didn't really want for options, by bringing in one more, it's increased the likelihood of striking a chord with customers. It's also done a good job of reducing the likelihood of competitors entering the space; why compete with a company that's already offering what most users want? The increasing importance of the contact center and virtual offices as a business' public face means that having the best tools on hand is vital to ensuring the best in customer experience and the best chance of customers returning. Something as simple as being able to automatically schedule a callback for a customer who's been on hold for a certain length of time can mean the difference between customers kept and customers lost. If the experience is sufficiently positive it can even mean customers gained as said customers tell others about the positive experience.

Interactive Intelligence's lineup just got a little stronger with this newest addition from Virtual Hold Technology, and in the end, a little stronger lineup helps keep a company viable longer as effective tools make for better customer service.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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